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Snow Plow

With this snow plow, you can quickly change from V plow to scoop to the straight blade. And it is done from one control system. The plow is ideal for areas that larger blades are unable to reach. It is also easy to clean walks with its 48” V width. It offers you hydraulic activated wing cylinders, a mechanical trip, and adjustable cast iron shoe discs. The pivot points are greasable to ensure proper operation.

Border Eyelet Workstation This tool is a state-of-the-art design with a touch screen. It offers automatic border splice and defect detection. It is a heavy-duty guillotine cutter and is equipped with tempered blades. The tool automatically stops when the border material is depleted. It is very operator friendly and you don’t need tools for routine maintenance and adjustments. You can preset the counter for multiple borders. Its urethane rollers ensure long-lasting rollers for heavy-duty feeding tasks.

Dough Sheeting Line This dough sheeting line is designed for medium-sized bakeries. It offers full accessibility and minimal cleaning effort. You can process dough for ciabatta, German rose rolls, rustic square buns or bread. This device gives your bakery a cost-effective solution as it combines multi-functionality, combination variety, ease of cleaning, and a high roll variety. It has a dough throughput of 400 to 1,200 kg per hour for rolls and 400 to 1,500 kg per hour for bread. It comes with an integrated weighing system for weight-accurate production.

Sowing Unit If you need maximized performance and efficiency in your sowing equipment, this tool is your solution. It is 50% more efficient than standard tools. It offers you accurate seed singulation, precise seed placement and higher working speeds of up to 18km/h. The tool has optimum depth control. This is made possible by the heavy basic weight of the sowing unit. With its spring-loaded system, you also can add up to 100kg additional pressure onto each individual sowing unit.

Tufting machine With this machine, you have 1 filling tool and 2 drills for the production of cylindrical brushes, disc brushes and lag brushes. It can produce the most diffused technical and industrial products. With its single clamping system, it can be used for large items as well. It offers quick change-over time. The tool is highly efficient with its filling head that ensures an ideal set-up for different fiber lengths.

SCARA Robot This lightweight robot is exceptionally fast and precise and is a good choice for you if you are looking for maximizing throughput. Its 24VDC solenoid valves and airlines in its arm prevent interference. This reduces costs. It is also equipped with a brake release switch on its arm to ensure easy error recovery. It can reach 400 mm and has a load capacity of 3 kg and operates within a 360° envelope.

Golf Greens Roller

This greens roller is engineered for safety and exceptional durability. It rolls a 48-inch swath in a single pass. For perfectly even, crease-free and superior contour-following ability, it is equipped with dual

rolling heads with offset rollers. It is perfectly balanced and steering is light and easy. You have a smooth operation on the most challenging of greens. Ideal for those on a budget who will never compromise on quality.

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