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Rinspeed Squba

This is the world’s first diving car that was exhibited in 2008 Geneva motor show. The car can be submerged at a depth of up to 10 meters, it is water tight and resistant to pressure to make it maneuver easily under water. The car is equipped with three electric motors, two for water propulsion and one for land use. The car does not emit harmful substances, therefore it is friendly to the marine life. To enable the driver breathe underwater, the car is equipped with an inbuilt scuba regulators like the ones that are used by divers. Thanks to its topless design, the occupants of the car can easily escape in case of an emergency.


This is an electric water cart that can be used by anyone. It has a stable hole with low center of gravity for easy maneuverability and it does not overturn. The speed can be adjusted in accordance to the user’s preference and the conditions of the water. Gliss Speed can accommodate your whole family. It has a speed of about 25Km/h with five horsepower capacity that maintains acceleration to up to safety levels. This water has minimal operating costs with a low mentainance electric motor of about $50 cents per hour, making it an ideal investment for waterpark owners.


This vehicle is designed to move both on water and on land. It is equipped with a dual tank that has air foam cells that act as paddles to enable it to float on water and has track driven pads to enable it move on land. This machine is capable of transporting approximately 200 tons of equipment from the ship to the shore. The UHAC has lightweight segments that enables the fully loaded vehicle to have a ground pressure of just a few pound, thus making it lighter than a human foot. According to the manufacturers, the vehicle can easily pass over a muddy place without sinking, where a human foot would otherwise sink. This prototype vehicle can move on any terrain: mud, steep slopes, ice, sand and even climb over sea walls.


This boat is capable of extending itself out of water to reach the shore. The boat is equipped with seven smacks gate system that enables the boat to get out of the water. It has an inbuilt hydraulically powered spikes that resemble a crab that thrust forward by grabbing and pulling the ground. Even under heavy tides, the boat will strongly and safely anchor itself to the shore. The boat can withstand a weight of up to 700 pounds. It is equipped with a max gate extension that makes it easy to offload and load cargo. In addition, the boat can effortlessly pull itself back to the water again.


Manufactured in Russia, this is an all-terrain vehicle that measures 6 meters long, three meters tall with a width of 2.5 meters. It has a 450 millimeters ground clearance with an independent suspension. In addition, it has 8 low pressure tires that enable the vehicle to move through marshy waters and shallow lakes. The driver has a high chair to enhance visibility and the cockpit has three operating modes. It has a on and off the road modes and for propelling in water. On the water, the ATV can travel at a distance of 5km/h, additionally, the vehicle has a capacity for 12 people. The bottom side of the vehicle is enclosed to keep the transmission from getting damaged and it is equipped with pumps that remove water from the frame.

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