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1. IWISS Solar PV Panel Crimping Tool Kit with Wire Cutter Spanner and Connectors-

If you are a solar installer you need the Iwiss solar PV panel crimping tool kit. This tool kit helps you to install solar connectors easily and accurately. Its crimper features are consistent and accurate. The cable cutter offers a high leverage jaw and shear blade enabling you to execute clean cuts without any damage. Connectors and a wire cutter spanner is included and help you to open the locking device when securing and tightening the cable gland.

2. NCVT-3 Non-Contact Voltage Tester with Flashlight-

The Klein NCVT-3 non-contact voltage detector with flashlight is a must for electricians and DIY enthusiasts. It provides non-contact detection of AC voltage. The tester detects 12 to 1,000V AC with audible and visual voltage indicators simultaneously. A LED bar graph indicates the presence of voltage. The higher the voltage, or the closer to the source, the more LEDs light up. The work area is illuminated with a bright flashlight for convenient handling. This flashlight can also be used independently.

3. PB Swiss Tools Innovation DigiTorque -

The PB Swiss tools DigiTorque toolbox is ideal if you frequently have to work with different sizes bits. The toolbox includes the following bits: Slotted 2-5, Phillips 1-2, Pozidriv 1-2, Torx T8-T20 and Hex 2-3 precision bits. Setting the desired torque is easy with the digital display on the handle. The tool has a non-slip grip even when your hands are wet. It is 100% Swiss-made and comes with an unlimited lifetime guarantee.

4. PB Swiss Tools Precision Bit ABB -

PB Swiss tools are precision made to deliver excellent and accurate service. Generally, the tools are color-coded to allow the user to recognize the tool type and the required size. The precision bitt tools can also be reached easily and safely in the toolbox or holder. A skin-friendly Santoprene handle enables you to transfer high torque onto screws effortlessly. It also provides a firm grip even when your hands are wet or oily. All PB Swiss tools come with an unlimited lifetime guarantee.

5, Wiha 66992 MagicRing Ball End Hex L-Key Set In Holders, 22 Piece -

The Wiha 66992 twenty-two MagicRing ball end Hex L-key set offers you the right tool for the job. The tools are designed for one-handed use. The screws are being held securely by the steel spring and the ball end offers fastener interlock of up to 25 degrees. The turn-select holder makes the organization and security of the tools very easy. For durability and strength the tools are manufactured from premium quality steel. The set is backed by the Wiha no-hassle guarantee.

6. IWISS HD-2612 Amphenol AT Series -

IWISS HD-2612 Amphenol AT series solid barrel crimping tool is essential for everybody working with AWG 26 to AWG 12 wire which is used with heavy-duty contacts. It can be used to crimp and release terminals found on cars, trucks, construction equipment, agricultural equipment and other heavy-duty vehicles. It crimps contacts to appropriate wiring for insertion into heavy-duty connectors. The tool provides a durable crimp that will stand the test of time. It sells for less than $160.

7. Jonard Cable Stripper and Ring Tool-JIC-

Every cable worker should have a Jonard cable stripper and ring tool. It can be used to slit and ring many types of a tight buffer, breakout cables or loose tube buffer. It has an L-shaped guide made of hardened steel and this allows the blade to get underneath the buffer. The ringer part of the tool cuts through plastic, rubber and fabric insolation. One replacement blade is included. It sells for less than $67.

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