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1. DEWALT 20V MAX- Cordless Cable Stapler -

The Dewalt 20V Max cordless cable stapler is a must for everyone in the cable industry. It is easy to work with and you can use it in a variety of orientations. This is made possible by its extended trigger. You can use your favorite staples or Dewalt’s 1” cable staples. The stapler’s center-mounted LED illuminates the workplace excellently. It comes with an adjustable belt hook that can attach left or right. This battery-powered tool sells for less than $190.

2. RIDGID micro LM-400 Advanced Laser Distance Meter -

The Rigid micro LM-400 laser distance meter is ideal to work within difficult to reach places. Its inclination angle lets you make indirect measurements. The measurement readings are visible on a large backlit 4-line display. For your convenience, the tool can be connected to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. This makes it easy to store and share your data. There are Android and iOS apps available enabling you to overlay measurements onto photos and sketches.

3 Impact Tough Custom Case -

The Bosch 24 piece impact case is what you should invest in if you want to organize your bits. Not only do you receive a case, you receive impact bits that are engineered to provide 10 times longer bit life than standard bits. Also included is the Xtended Torsion Zone that reduces stress or breakage of bit tips. The case itself has rubber bumpers for durability and a secure latch-lock to make it ideal to take from job to job.

4.Metabo 18 V Akku-Blechschere und Akku-Nibbler -

This Metabo 18V nibbler is powerful and cordless. It is ideal for cutting both flat and shaped sheets. The cutting direction can be adjusted with up to 360°. This adjustment is done easily and tool-free. The brushless motor allows for individual customization with its high-speed feeding and easily adjustable cutting speed. It leaves no metal dust and cuts spark-free and without distortion. The tool’s low weight and slim grip area make it comfortable to work with.

5. Outdoor Knife with Serrated Blade and Sheath -

The Wolfcraft knife has a fixed, serrated 95mm stainless steel blade and is ideal for a variety of tasks. It can be used when you are camping, crafting or busy with your hobby and need a cutting tool. The knife can be used on a variety of materials. As the knife has an ergonomic handle with a soft grip it is comfortable to work with. When not in use it fits into a plastic sheath attached to your belt.

6. Rechargeable Light Array Headlamp -

The Klein rechargeable light headlamp with a rectangular light array offers a lot of usable light. To give the necessary light and enable you to work with both hands its strong backside magnet allows mounting to a magnetic surface. If that is not possible the headlamp bracket is designed to attach directly to Klein’s hard hats and you still can work with both hands. The battery life is indicated with colored LED lights. It sells for less than $45.

7. Rockler Precision Miter Gauge -

If you have to make crosscuts with precision, the Rockler Precision Miter Gauge is an excellent tool to use. The aluminum head features an easy-to-read scale ranging from 0° to 70° in both directions. Its spring-loaded stop locks into angle detents and then the hairline indicator makes it easy to accurately set angles that fall between detents. As a result of the easy-to-grip rubber over mold on all knobs, the Rockler miter gauge is a comfortable tool to work with.

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