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1. 1651 36V Cordless Reciprocating Saw -

The Bosch 1651K 36-volt cordless reciprocating saw is essential for the professional and the DIY enthusiast. It has two speeds that are controlled by an easily reachable trigger. You have full control of the tool as a result of its comfortable soft-grip handle and ergonomic collar grip. It is battery operated and weighs only about 7 lbs. It is designed with an open shoe for a clear view of the cut. Extra blades, a charger and carrying case are included.


The Dewalt DWE 7499 GD 10-inch jobsite table saw is a very safe saw. It offers a guard detection system that warns you if you’ve forgotten to install the guard. The 15 Amp motor enables the saw to rip through hardwoods easily. Although you need a 120 Volts connection the saw is mobile with its rolling stand and can easily be set up and broken down. It has excellent stability despite its mobility.

3. Die new Metabo SDS-max Hammer -

If you need a hammer drill to use for general drilling and chiseling in stone or concrete the light but powerful Metabo SDS-max hammer drill might be your best choice. It switches easily from drilling to chiseling as it is equipped with a rotation stop mechanism when chiseling. When drilling, different speeds can be chosen to suit specific drilling situations and materials. The various drilling and chiseling tools can be changed quickly and easily.

4. Easy Spray Sink Sprayer -

The Danco Easy Spray Sink Sprayer is a must for every household. Whether you need it for bathing your baby, washing your hair or even cleaning your vegetables in your kitchen sink you’ll appreciate the sink sprayer. With two easy steps, you fasten the hose of this handheld sprayer to your faucet. Open your tap and then you control the water flow according to your needs with a toggle switch allowing you to spray from full to light.

5. Ridgid 56658 K-6P Toilet Auger -

To clean up your clogged toilet the easiest way to do it is by using the Ridgid K-6P toilet auger. If you want to extend the cable to also clear beyond the toilet itself, you only have to lock on an adjustment to add 6 feet to the heavy-duty cable. The corrosion resisting tubing is zinc plated steel for durability. It also has an optional drill enabling you to push through tough obstacles in the toilet pipe.

6. Milwaukee® M18 FUEL™ 1 3_4- SDS MAX Rotary Hammer -

If you use the Milwaukee M18 Fuel SDS Max rotary hammer when drilling you’ll experience that you have a tool designed to ensure absolute control over the drilling. Its electromagnetic clutch prevents over-rotation in case of the tool bounds up. It is designed for the professional user who needs power, control and safety. Its built-in intelligence protects it from overheating or overload. The hammer uses a high output battery for extra-long run-time.

7. Trend Pro Modular Wheeled Toolbox-

The Trend Pro Modular Wheeled Toolbox is ideal if you have to store and transport long tools such as handsaws and spirit levels. But it also caters for your smaller tools like spanners, chisels and screwdrivers. There is storage space in the lid of the box to supply enough space for all your tools and accessories. It has a lift-out tray for your most-used tools. With its built-in wheels and handle it transports easily even when fully loaded.

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