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1. BLACK+DECKER™ 20V MAX- Cordless Random Orbit Sander -

The Black & Decker 20V Max Cordless Random Orbit Sander is ideal for smaller home repairs and the quick removing of old surface material. The sander is designed to collect dust in its canister leaving a smooth and clean surface. It's lightweight and makes it very easy and comfortable to work with. The sander is cordless and comes with a 1.5Ah Lithium battery and charger. Two 5” round sandpaper sheets are also included.

2. Clepsydra Drill Brush for Paint Stripping - SITBRUSH-

If you need to strip paint or remove rust effectively the Clepsydra Drill Brush for paint stripping makes the job easy. It can be used to strip paint or remove rust on flat surfaces, pipes, edges and curved surfaces. If you want to strip paint from wood its brass and abrasive nylon options would be the choice. With its 12,500 rpm, it's very effective on all surfaces. It is the ideal paint stripping tool for professionals and DIY enthusiast.

3. Tube notching tools. Centurial tube tracer -

This Centurial tube tracer should be in the toolbox of every welder and person involved in fabricating articles with tubing. With the tube tracer, you center it on the tube joint and press the pins to contour the notch. Then you slide the tool over the tube that is needing notching and trace the profile with the marker. This tool makes construction with tubing, like repairing a car chassis, preparing handrails, making sculptures, etc. very easy.

4. Hydraulic Fixed Flange & Rotational Alignment Tool - Enerpac ATM-9 Series -

If you are a pipe installer or involved in pipe maintenance you can’t do without the Enerpac ATM-9 series alignment tool. It provides a safe way for flange alignment. You don’t need an external power source, slings, hooks or other lifting gear to rectify twist and rotational misalignment. Its lightweight design allows you to easily transport it and use it in remote locations. This tool can be used in any position vertically and horizontally.

5. Mechanic SLIDER 45 Version 2 0 -

The Mechanic Slider 45 version 2 is a must for all tilers. As professional tiler, you’ll know that the newest trend is to finish corners with a 45-degree joint. But it is a laborious process to cut tiles at 45 degrees. The Mechanic slider makes it easy. It is easily installed on your angle grinder and it enables you to adjust the angles to fit your task. The slider ensures accurate alignment.

6. Smartmover by Baron - the roofer module

Contractors involved with the constructing of large flat roofs often encounter problems transporting construction material to where it is needed. The Baron Smartmover’s roofer module might be the ideal answer. It is designed to transport materials easily and quickly around on a large roof. The module easily mounts to the SmartMover to effortless move roofing felt, gas cylinders and other building material around. Its grid sides keep heavy and bulk material in place and secure.

7. The Nemo Drill -

Do you need a drill that you can use on land and underwater as well? If you need it to drill into cement, brick and stone the Nemo hammer drill might be the best option. It is submersible up to 164 ft. and can be used in fresh and saltwater. The drill comes with two Lithium batteries, an air pump to pressurize the drill and a durable carrying case. It carries a one-year manufacturer warranty.

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