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1. Dead Blow Mallet -

The Pb Swiss Tools heavy-duty dead blow mallet size 3 is 100% Swiss-made and comes with an unlimited lifetime guarantee. The dead-blow mallet is constructed uniquely and is extremely robust. This ensures that you will be able to use your mallet for many years to come. It is designed so that the polyamide heads anchor securely but can easily be replaced when necessary. The heavy-duty mallet has both a steel and plastic head.


The Worx 8V cordless impact forcedriver has the power of a standard drill but is designed to be much more compact. This makes it easy to work with. It fits comfortably into hard to reach areas. You will be able to loosen rusted and stuck bolts easily anywhere. With its adjustable 3-position handle, you can approach any work peace and its LED light illuminates the work area. You also receive a #2 Phillips driving bit and a 5-hour charger when purchasing the driver.

3. ORIA Precision Screwdriver Kit, 126 in 1 Screwdriver Set-

If you are repairing iPhone, tablets, laptops, smartphones, watches, cameras, or other electronic devices the Oria precision screwdriver kit, 126 in 1 screwdriver set, is a must for you. It offers 112 different kinds of screwdriver bits. The bits are made of chrome-vanadium steel. The kit’s multi-accessories 126 screwdriver set includes a screwdriver handle, opening tool, tweezers, SIM card ejector and LCD suction cup. Its flexible shaft allows you to reach screws in deep positions and narrow spaces.

4. 510 Optivision Magnetic Measuring Tape IN_CM-

The Kapro 510 Optivision magnetic measuring tape is a very handy tool for any DIY enthusiast and professional handyman. It offers excellent blade extension with its self-locking blade and the blade can be retrieved easily with its push button. The tape is impact and abrasion-resistant. It is easy to work with as it is designed with a magnetic double sided end hook. When not in use you clip it to your belt.

5. All-in-1 Precision Screwdriver Set with Carrying Case-

The Klein tools 32717 all-in-one multi-function precision screwdriver set with case includes 39 bits enabling you to use it for various applications including repair of most Apple products. It comes with a barrel equipped with powerful magnets to retain the bits better. The magnets also pick-up and hold fasteners easily. Its barrel is also reversible and offers standard and extended-reach ends. The set’s compact carrying case offers stay-shut latch for easy access.

6. Crescent Wiss® - Next Generation Aviation Snips-

The Crescent Wiss next-generation aviation snips are designed to earn the trust of a new generation. The new snips last 60% longer and require 20% less force to cut on average compared to their snips from five years ago. It offers the best performing and longest lasting blades they've ever made. Every blade still has its well-known precision and consistency and its finer serrations spread the force of the cut across the blade. The snip’s integrated handle ring makes storing easy.

Malco Tie Tools TY4, TY4G & TY6-

If you are a heavy user of nylon ties, the Malco’s Ty4, TY4G and TY6 tie tensioning tools are designed for you. They are a more efficient and higher quality alternative to the flexible duct. The tie tensioning tool has an adjustment knob allowing you to set the desired tension for securing flex duct to a take-off collar. With its unique design, a breakaway spring mechanism releases the tool’s lower handle to cause a blade to automatically cut off the excess tail of the nylon tie.

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