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1. 20V Max Lithium-Ion Electric Drain Snake Auger Kit - The Populo 20V Max Lithium-Ion electric drain snake auger kit makes your work as plumber very easy. The speed can be adjusted to up to 560 revolutions per minute allowing you to use it for a variety of drain problems. You can check the battery fuel gauge to see when you need to recharge it. With is 25 feet reinforced flexible 7.5 cm cable you clear clogs with ease from drains from ¾ up to 2 in wide. This includes sinks, toilets and bathtubs. 2. Arrow GT300 Fastener Pro High Temp Glue Gun - Everyone who has to glue materials frequently should own the Arrow GT300 fastener pro high temp glue gun. It delivers superior bonding and is easy to work with. It heats up fast and has a drip-resistant glue tip for precision work. The control adjustment knob provides precise glue output. It’s equipped with an oversized trigger for easy use and its stand and wing attachments help to prevent mishaps. It sells for less than $50. 3. TACKLIFE 1_2 Sheet Sander, Sander for Woodworking - The Tacklife ½ sheet sander for woodworking is an ideal tool if you are a woodworker. Its 115x230 mm sanding base and six adjustable speeds make sanding and polishing easy. The sander is designed for sanding surfaces with very tight orbital motions. It is equipped with a built-in micro filter that traps all small particles and its dust collection box always stay on during working. To ensure even sanding and durability, it uses aluminum sanding plates, which is far superior to other plates. 4. Universal Table Vise - The Housolution universal table vise is designed for home and professional use. It is ideal for woodworking, gluing, metalworking, sanding, sawing, etc. and can be used indoors and outdoors. You can easily install the vice. Its non-slip jaw surface holds material firmly. It is uniquely designed to also accommodate left-handed workers. You can rotate the vise to the position that suits you best. Even if you are a left-hander, you can rotate the vise to the position that suits your work. 5. Fiskars® Curved Vinyl Alignment Tool - The Fiskars curved vinyl alignment tool assists you to consistently get the accurate and straight placement of vinyl on curved surfaces. It's designed to work on curved surfaces with a diameter range of 1¾ inch – 7¼ inch. You don’t have to worry that the tool will damage the surface as it has rubber feet securing it to the material. Its adjustable bar allows you placement at various heights. The arms adjust for vinyl sizes up to 5 x 2 inches. 6. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit- The Dewalt 20V Max XR oscillating multi-tool kit comes with a brushless motor that delivers up to 57% more run time than standard motors. You can choose one of three speed settings to work with. Absolute speed and application control are made possible by its dual-grip variable speed trigger. Its accessory adapter enables the tool to work with most oscillating tool accessory brands. The blades and attachments can be changed quickly without wrenches. 7. Wagner Control Pro 130 Paint Sprayer- The Wagner control pro 130 power tank paint sprayer has high efficiency and low overspray. It applies coatings faster than a roller and can be used for painting the exterior of your home, staining large areas or fences. It can also be used indoors. You can use a wide range of paints and stains with this airless sprayer. It offers fast, no mess priming and cleaning. It sells for less than $225.

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