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1. GEARWRENCH® 72” and 55- Professional 21 Drawer Roller Cabinet -

The Gearwrench 21-drawer roller cabinet has a 12 gauge steel frame. A high gloss finish ensures extreme durability. The top 3 rows are designed for easy access to store frequently used tools. Al the drawers are quick-releasing and self-latching and stay closed even if the toolbox is unlocked. To accommodate the weight it carries it’s provided with 4 lockable swivel and 2 rigid 6 x 2-inch casters. It is a must if you want to keep your tools organized and well-stored.

2. DEWALT® FLEXVOLT® 20V_60V- MAX Batteries -

The Dewalt Flexvolt 20V_60V-Max battery changes voltage when tools are changed. It is fully compatible with all 20V Max, 60V Max and 120V Max tools and 20V Max charges. The battery automatically detects when to provide runtime for 20V Max tools (6.0Ah) and power in the new 60V Max and 120V Max tools. It offers 180-watt hours of energy in each battery pack. The LED display makes it easy to check the state of charge.

3. Impact Punchdown Tool

If you want to punch cables in tight spaces into blocks and panels the Klein Tools Impact Punchdown is the answer. With its metal injection molding precision blade, it terminates and cuts wires in one step. The punch’s extended length is great for working on active panels and makes it safe to work with pre-existing connections. For less than $20 with a 30-day money-back offer if you are not satisfied, it is an excellent tool to use in the industry.

4. Laguna F2 Table Saw-

Laguna's F2 Table Saw is a hybrid cabinet saw. It features a full cast iron table with a heavy steel fence body and low-friction Teflon sliders. The enclosed steel base has excellent dust collection abilities. It adjusts easily for parallelism of the miter gauge and blade. You can easily flip it for cutting thin material. Its bearings and Acme screws are permanently lubricated. The throat plate dampens vibration. It is a product worth looking at if you’re in this industry.

5. Trend Adjustable Benchtop Roller Stand-

The Trend Adjustable Benchtop Roller Stand‘s ball-bearing roller allows work to be easily pulled onto the bed of the machine and then provides easy movement of materials. Its free-running action keeps both hands free to control the machine safely. The stand allows one person to handle longer stock alone. It is ideal as take-off support for planing and ripping work and for feed and outfeed support on crosscut applications. A tool that is a must for the professional worker.

6. WEN Generators 9500-Watt Portable Generator-

The WEN 9500-watt portable generator offers 9500 starting watts and 7500 running watts of power. The generator can be turn off or on from up to 160 feet away. Its panel includes four standard 120V 15-amp outlets, one RV-ready 120V 30-amp TT-30R outlet, one 12V DC outlet, and one L14-30R outlet. It has an EPAIII and CARB compliant 420cc 4-stroke engine. The 6-gallon gas tank allows long running time and it has a low-oil shutdown. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

7. Delmar Tools Push Block For Table Saws -

The Delmar Tools Push Block for Table Saws enables your table saw to rip cuts down to a 1/4" smoothly, easily, and safely. It creates an adjustable width tunnel for the table saw blade to pass through. The push block distributes even and accurate pressure on both sides of the stock while safely keeping your fingers and hands out of the way. An innovative balance wheel is used to deliver stability on narrow cuts. It comes fully assembled with a lifetime warranty.

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