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Top 7 Most Ingenious Machines That Do Incredible Activity


This is an electric powered machine with no emissions. Even under a full load, this machine can work for eight hours without any emissions. It runs on 3 electric motors with one powering each track and a third to operate the hydraulic systems. The total weight of this machine is 150 kilograms. It has powerful tracks suspension rolls which offer propulsion on both flat and sloping terrain. It comes with a battery charger and a cable. It takes seven and half hours to fully charge the battery using the standard three cleft electrical outlet.

Motion Sim

This is an exciting game stimulator with a realistic view of the road ahead. It gives you an adrenaline rush as you experience racing from a real race car. The car is engineered to perform drops, turns, twists and jolts similar to those experienced by a real car racer. The car produces g-forces that are placed on the body during the maximum acceleration, high speed turns and immediate changes. This racing device is equipped with a racing style seat. It has a three or four hydraulic leg pedals, a steering wheel and a gearshifts. It is also fitted out with three 27 inch high definition screens that provide a panoramic view. The engine sounds enable the cockpit to move simultaneously with the activities on the screen.

BMM 300 Mobile Brick Machine

This incredible machine was made by the Indian Manufacturing Company. To make bricks, you deposit a large amount of mud into a huge receiving vent. The machine will make and lay many stones in just a few minutes.


This machine helps prepare young horses for training and racing. It helps strengthen the young horse’s musculoskeletal systems. Normally, training the young horses may bring about injuries due to their weak muscles. This machine helps minimize instances of injuries on the young horses. It helps to safely increase their speed, their athletic capacity, endurance and strength. A trained handler sits at the middle during training. Two young horses are safely secured into each cabin. The padded gates helps secure the horses in place to ensure no injuries. This also ensures that the young horses receive the highest physical benefits and the forward speed is usually controlled. Additionally, there are electronic fitness monitoring equipment that records and measures the physiology activity of each horse.


This machine helps to lift manhole easily, quickly and safely. It helps save the workers from the stress of lifting up heavy manholes. It comes in two versions for handling different weights and shapes of manholes. The Lifter enables the operator to perform different tasks without leaving the truck. It can lift up manholes weighing up to 600 pounds. The truck is equipped with a camera to enable the operator have a proper view of what he is working on. The truck can be controlled using a remote control.

ECO Log 580 E

This machine is a log harvester made by the Swedish Company. It is highly flexible and it can process the trees at a very high speed. It can easily move on uneven land terrain. It is equipped with six large wheels that are attached to innovative suspension systems. The machine can tilt itself on a 17 degrees angle from the front and 25.5 degrees from all sides. It lift loads on one side and still remain balanced on just 3 wheels. It is capable of lifting the front or the rear wheels in the air and balance well on just two wheels. Also, this machine can lift its chassis 1.2 meter into the air. It can cut down and process two large trees in just a minute.

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