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Top 7 Most Ingenious Machines That Do Incredible Activity Part 2

Wirtgen W200

This machine was designed for removing concrete and other road surface materials. It is equipped with a cylindrical rotating milling drum with many pointed teeth. The milling drum destroys the whole road surface in a very short time. The teeth and the assembly drum come in different sizes and they can be switched. This enables the machine to destroy all kinds of pavements in single layers or the entire paved surface. The operator’s cabin is ergonomically designed and elevated to provide comfort for the driver.


This hydraulically driven machine helps remove out weeds without the use chemicals. The weed brush is attached to the wheel loader tractors or excavators. It can easily remove weed and grass trapped in between the bricks and it can also clean out dirt on walkways. It comes in two models, the model 140 for the personal use and the model 160 for professional use. It uses the high-strength steel wire brush that can work continuously for eight hours. It also, comes with a PVC brush for sensitive surfaces. The brush is adjustable to reach the hard to reach areas and corners. It can be used for removing snow and ice during winters.

Five Waves

This machine is designed for a new surfing park that is under construction in Australia. It creates waves for the surfers and allow them to ride on the waves. Fives Waves uses innovative to create waves on a man-made lake. It can produce waves for beginners, intermediate, and advanced surfers. This device was recently tested and it is capable of producing waves that challenge the abilities of even the expert surfer. This machine applies the innovative 1400 ton plunger style wave generator which can produce up to 2400 waves per hour. This helps create a huge amount of pressure as it rises and falls at the middle of the lake.


This machine was designed to enable easy site access. It also protects the ground from getting damaged by heavy machineries. They can be installed using a skid loader with hydraulic attachment or it can be manually installed. With a skid roller, it can carry and lay up to 2100 meters of tracks. The manual job can be completed by two people. This machine helps to make a temporary road where the surface is in bad condition.

Human Hoist

This incredible chair was designed to support and enable easy movement of auto mechanics. It can easily adjust to different body postures of mechanics while at work. Whether in a semi-standing position or horizontal position, this chair will ensure comfort and a stable working body posture. It fully and safely supports your body when working. It is equipped with a well-engineered torsion assist system with electro-hydraulic actuator, a full thermal protection. It is also fitted out with a 28V lithium-ion batteries with enough power to last all day. The Human Hoist has a 5 position headrest and a eighth position locking padded backrest. The movement speed of the chair is adjustable to suit your working speed and position.

The RoadRunn

This is a cone replacement and retrieval machine made by the Royal Truck equipment. It offers a quick and an easy way of collecting and placing cones on the construction site. This simplifies work for the workers, instead of manually placing and collecting the cones. It is tiring and time consuming when done manually. This also saves the workers from the risks of working on high traffic roads. This machine uses the mechanical slide rail to place and deliver cones at the site on the given interval. The truck is driven at a speed of 12 to 15 miles per hour.

Hemos Dredger

This incredible machine was made for the maintenance of ditches. It clears, cleans and unblocks the ditches in just one pass. It can also be used to trim grasses and bushes that grow on the ditches. It can be used to drain sediments and excess water off the drains. It keeps the waste materials 20 meters away from the ditches. This dredged material can be used as fertilizer by farmers.

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