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Top 7 Most Ingenious Machines That Do Incredible Activity Part 3


This machine was designed for sugar beet harvesting. It is controlled from a comfortably designed cabin. It is easy to operate and it provides high productivity. This machine is equipped with an economic machine with a large harvesting and cleaning turbines. They help in gathering and processing high quantities of sugar beets. For better results, this machine is fitted out with an advanced protec

t plus scalping system with a scalping knife that is in a parallel position. The sugar beets are cut from the plants at the right point for optimal nutrient retention. Then, the sugar beets are collected using a lifting system and a rotary intake system. The cockpit has a 12 inch screen to enable the operator adjust keys for effective productivity. The specially designed wheels leave the soil well flattened.


This innovative French creation allows you to easily move your piano. Moving any type of piano is dangerous and difficult. Pianolift makes the whole process very easy. This machine is a battery powered hydraulic mechanism with a track driven bass that allows you to single handedly raise, lower, move, turn and flip the piano. You can move pianos with a weight of up to 13,122 pounds. It is both remotely and manually controlled to safely and securely move it to desired destination.


This is an Omni-directional drive machine for moving packages. It can be used in manufacturing industries and shipping companies. The machine is driven using an electric motor that can be individually selected and controlled using a special programmed software. The operator can program the system to enable it move independently and simultaneously in a particular direction. This enables the packages to be moved in a multiple streams. This helps increase and enhance productivity.

The Antigo Badger Breakers

This powerful machine was designed for breaking down pavements down into rubbles. This machine rolls out the rubbles and transform them into a foundation for the construction of the new road. It can work on any surface and seamlessly transform it into fine rubbles. This machine comes into two types, the 8600 and the T-8600. They are 8 feet wide with a 12,000 pounding hammer. They have multiple 12,000 to 17, 150 pounds hammers that continually pound on the surface to break it. These hammers are horizontally and diagonally placed at the truck.


This machine was made for mining and quarrying companies. With this machine there is no need for secondary blasting. The machine can easily break rock weighing up to 150 tons. Using the free fall technique, this machine slightly rises and falls on the rock with great force. This breaks the rock in pieces. The machine can break even the hardest rocks such as the basalt rocks or bauxite granite. It can also be used for blasting red-hot skulls that is released from slag in steel industries. Additionally, it can be used in demolitions and pounding the concrete roads.


This prototype machine was created to efficiently and safely trim the tree branches. This machine is named after the world’s fastest monkeys. It eases the risks and the hassle of climbing and trimming long trees. It is high speed and can cut of the branches of tree with a height of 12 to 15 meters in just 8 to 10 seconds. Additionally, the machine uses a high speed cutting head that uses hydraulically driven rubber belts. The rubber belts ensures less pressure on the tree bark and provides enough grip. It work under any weather conditions. On a full work mode, the machine can trim down branches in about 40 to 50 trees in just one hour.


This is a simple and remotely controlled manhole cutting saw. This machine is used for repairing and replacing manholes and paved surfaces. It helps reduce manpower and time wastage on the work that could be manually done by human beings. It has a fixing plate that is positioned and adjusted to fit on the machine. Then, you make the cut with the right depth and radius. The process is controlled by a remote and the operator can regulate the cutting speed.

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