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Turbo II Stripper-

This stripper is fully self-propelled and its hand-operated clutch makes it easy to work with. Its 5,000 strokes/minute and 3 weight positions provide fast, effective and aggressive flooring removal. You can transport it easily due to its detachable weight and handle. It can be used for all types of flooring removal. For safe operation, it is equipped with a restart breaker cutoff switch. It comes with blades, tool kit, hearing protection, safety gloves, blade cover, and lifting straps.

2. beam tightener_panel tightener-

This tightener set is ideal for timber frame and log-home construction. It can be used for residential and commercial framing contractors. Other users of wooden beams and panels which needed to be aligned like custom home builders, and panel installation companies can use this tool with ease. It comes with a sturdy carrying case to withstand rigid use on job sites. The set consists of a beam tightener with forged steel, another one with swivel plates, and a parallel scribe tool.

3. Versatile mattress adhesive-

This versatile mattress adhesive is suitable for manufacturing all types of mattresses. It can be used for the assembly of sandwich mattresses as well as spring core mattresses with high tension. The adhesive reduces the time required for joining, due to its immediate adhesion capability. Its high viscosity keeps the adhesive where it is needed for gluing - on the foam surface. The adhesive has a high ageing resistance, which enables a long service life of the end product.


This manufacturer of hand deburring systems invests in quality product innovations. It aims to offer customers the most competitive and best solutions for their deburring applications. It offers a comprehensive and versatile line of hand deburring tools. Each deburring system has a cutting blade held in a suitable handle. It can remove burrs from any type of materials or applications such as rough edges in holes. Its most popular system is the swivel-blade type.

5. PowerMate Stair Climber-

This stair climber eliminates the risk of back injury and reduces the effort to move heavy loads by more than 87%. It is easy to handle with its fingertip push-button controls. For safety, it has variable position straps and an automatic braking system. The full range of models offers stair climbers with a capacity of up to 1,500 pounds. This stair climber is four machines in one: a dolly, a powered stair climber, a loading dock leveler, and a powered tailgate lift

6. Farmtrac 30 HST-

These tractors are sold in many countries. They are designed to have a simple and reliable construction. It incorporates the best components in the world, supplied by well-known and trusted companies. The company operates its own product development department and employs leading specialists - often with more than 30 years of experience. All the machines have European approvals and meet all European standards. There are 20 different types of tractors in the range.

7. Economy Bench Mount Sky Hooks w/ Articulating Arm-

This range of skyhooks offers a great range of motion and the hooks have a reach of 21.3”. The articulating arm has a reach of 14.7”. This enables you to pick up a load almost anywhere within a 36” circle. The hooks are easily mounted on a variety of surfaces like a bench or truck bed. The hooks enable you to easily lift 500 lbs. For safety and efficiency, the hooks all have a friction brake.

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