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Updated: Nov 17, 2020


This tool takes the frustration out of clamping round stock due to a V-groove along one axis. It attaches to the cap of any dovetail clamp. When you use this tool you work comfortably and safely with your workpieces. It presses down and keeps your workpieces in-line as the clamp’s pressure tightens. The tool keeps your workpieces flat and you don’t have to use extra clamps. You can use the tool for hand tool work, routing, and sanding.

2. ASR 36-18 BL 25 M SC (602046850) CORDLESS VACUUM CLEANER -

This cordless vacuum cleaner is commercially approved for dust removal. Its semi-automatic filter cleaning during breaks ensures efficient dust removing. The filters can also be cleaned manually when needed. It offers a 3-stage suction power for the correct power depending on the application. The vacuum cleaner works as wet or dry cleaner. Its automatic trailing mechanism ensures that the suction hose is empty after a task has been completed. The battery pack compartment is dust-proof and splash-proof with a lockable flap.

3. Fiskars Extend Tree Pruner -

This pruner with its oval-shaped fiberglass poles, allows you to control the cut direction as the poles reduce flex. It fits the natural shape of your hand. The system extends up to 14 feet so that you can easily reach high branches. When working with the extended length, the tool’s double locking system ensures that the extended pole stays put. You can clean the pruner with mild detergent. With well-oiled pivot points, it operates smoothly. It comes with a full lifetime warranty.

4. Bosch CSG15 5-Inch Concrete Surfacing Grinder -

This concrete surfacing grinder is the ideal tool to polish rough surfaces. It provides enhanced control and keeps a consistent speed under load. The grinder offers a unique guard assembly for collecting dust. It keeps your working area clean and this helps to extend the tool’s life. It is equipped with a completely sealed switch, double-sealed ball bearings and two lip-sealing rings. The built-in lock enables quick wheel changes. The handle is designed for a secure and comfortable grip.

5. WORX WG629.1 Hydroshot -

With this portable power cleaner, you quickly and easily clean all your outdoor spaces. It enables you to hook up any 2-litre bottle with a standard mouth to make this tool fully portable. For normal use, it attaches to a garden hose or draws water from a water source like a pool. It is equipped with a multiple spray nozzle which allows you to switch between varying degrees of water stream intensity. It delivers 320 psi cleaning streams.

6. Skil Masters Electric Scraper -

This tool has 3 speed settings and a 15-piece scraper set to make it easy and comfortable to work with. It is compact and offers an ergonomically designed tool with a soft grip. The different speeds enable you to work controlled and precise. The tool is ideal for the removal of surface materials and material residue. It smooths out harsh finishes. If you are in the restoration business or need to cut and carve wood frequently, this tool is a must-have.

7. Jokari FKZ Automatic Stripper -

If you have to strip wires frequently, this stripper is a must-have. It is an ergonomic, automatic wire stripper and can be used for PVC-insulated flat cables. The cables can have widths of up to 12mm and diameters from 0.75 to 2.5mm², It’s easy to use the tool as no diameter adjustments are required. The exchangeable blades are specially hardened for durability. It also features a built-in wire bending hole which provides an effective termination for conductors up to 2.5 mm².

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