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1. Wolfcraft 5978000 AH 45-130 Adjustable Hole Saw, Black -

If you have this tool you don’t need any other saw for drywall installations and plasterboard. With this adjustable hole saw you only have to loosen, adjust and fasten. It is designed for fine and clean cuts. The saw has three integrated scales allowing you to work with all standard dimensions. It offers a large drill disc, as well as efficient dust extraction. The tool has a cutting depth of 3mm. It comes with three straight-set, toothed blades.


This cordless grinder is designed for everyday cutting and grinding. It has discs up to 4.5” enabling it to work on versatile surfaces. It is equipped with a brushless motor and electronic speed control. It is safe to operate as it is equipped with a torque control which stops the tool body from spinning if the disc jams. The slim design makes it easy and comfortable to work with. The lower speeds allow you to achieve a perfect surface finish.

3. FLEX Wall chaser MS 1706 FR -

This tool is very efficient with its microprocessor electronics. Its tach generator ensures constant speed control. The unique swivel-mounted motor allows for push and pull cutting. With its rotating adapter, it extracts dust to leave clean and dust-free work-surfaces. The tool’s enclosed guard makes it safe for the operator. It offers tool-free cutting depth adjustment and blade changing. It is designed to soft start and to always provide overload and overheating protection.

4. DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Cut-Off Saw Kit, 9-Inch (DCS690X2) -

This saw offers a 5-position rotatable guard enabling angle selection for optimal visibility and accessibility, especially in tight spaces. It is equipped with a heavy load indicator light. This gives power and runtime feedback while you work. It works conveniently with a high-performance brushless and cordless motor. The battery box is sealed to protect the battery whatever the working or weather conditions. When cutting concrete it offers an OSHA Table 1 compliant solution for dust management.

5. Bullet Tools 13 in. EZ Shear Siding Cutter -

If you need a siding cutter with quiet operation and useable anytime during the day or night, this tool is a must-have. It doesn’t work with electricity and cut where you work. You don’t have to walk to and from your saw – a real worktime saver. It is designed to work with hardy plank, vinyl siding and fiber-cement siding and trimming. For less than $310 you can make your workplace a dust-free cutting place with this tool.

6. Hilti DCH 300 Electric Diamond Cutter -

With this electric diamond cutter, you can make cuts up to twice the depth of what is possible with conventional angle grinders. You can have exact cutting depth adjustment with its special depth gauge that is available separately. When working with the cutter, dust is kept away from the operator’s face and body as a result of the tool’s counter blade rotation. The dust is removed at its source. A Hilti VCU vacuum can be connected to maximize dust removal.


This tool combines four features into one blade. Its dagger blade provides detailed tight circular cuts, while its depth gauge is designed to monitor the depth of the cuts. The third piercing tips feature offers the push-pull cut capabilities which ensure clean start cuts. The last

feature, known as the shaver notches feature, allows you to remove excess drywall along with straight cuts, giving a smooth and precise edge. It’s a popular tool for electrical outlet boxes, can lights, and many more.

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