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Air hydraulic floor pit jack with telescopic cylinder -

This flexible pit jack is designed to be used both in pits and under-vehicle pits. Due to its dead man’s release and safety overload valve, it is very safe to use. You can use it for all lifting jobs, but it is ideal for dismounting and re-mounting of gearboxes. The built-in manual foot pump ensures precise adjustment. To prevent unintended movements when lifting more than 800kg, it is equipped with spring-loaded wheel supports.


This tool’s heat welds any flooring material. It does it without burning the material. This burning-prevention is possible because the tool is designed to concentrate the hot air on the heat welding rod and in the center of the groove. The tool can be used at any skill level and it will still provide excellent welding results. It offers 43 preheating jets to heat the flooring material, and then melt the welding rod and fuse the two.


This tool is designed to move any kind of concert grand or baby grand piano. It allows one person to move the piano without effort. No other tool is needed. It makes it possible to move the piano up and down flights of stairs. The tool tips over the piano directly on the tray. Putting it back on its feet is just as easy. The piano is fastened on the machine by only two classic belts.


This stripping tool is designed to be used on vulcanized semiconductors. The tool rotates around the cable to remove the semiconductor layer. The tool has a sturdy frame and a special steel blade which depth can be regulated to provides precise cutting. The reverse function lets you remove semiconductor up to 7 mm thick from the cable. Stripping can start at any point along the conductor. The tool is safe and convenient. It can be used on conductors up to 2.36 in.

5. Roof Snake by PacTool -

This tool is essential for roofers. Nails are easily removed from roof shingles with the tool’s nail puller claw. It replaces shingles safe, easy and accurate. Its unique design helps you to align roofing nails. The tool replaces and installs 3-tab shingles easily. You don’t have to correct over-bending, s with a hammer anymore. Anyone can work with the tool as you only have to drive the claw end under the nail and roll the nail out by twisting the tool.

6. Graco Renegade TSP -

This hydraulic power pack is designed to be used with bolt torqueing wrenches only. It is for professional use. The twin-piston pump delivers more oil per stroke than typical pumps. It uses a variable speed brushless DC motor. To maximize oil flow at any pressure the motor automatically changes speed. It also runs slower and cooler than other pumps. This results in less wear and long life. The oil cooler with a powered fan prevents overheating.

7. BC45 (BEVEL CUT 45) -

This tool can work wet or dry. It is designed to provide a 45-degree bevel cut directly on the construction site. It cuts slabs or tiles up to 0.63 inches thick with its 4 ½ “ blade, and up to 0.79 inches with its 5-inch blade. The tool guarantees precise and fast work and lets you work without any limit of length. It ensures optimal smoothness on the slab and tile due to the tool’s anti-scratch plastic slides.

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