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1. Pipe Lifter, Tube Lifter Handling Attachment

Do you work with concrete pipes and have to lift them frequently? Then this pipe handling tool could be ideal for you. It will do the job fast and efficiently. It has fully automatic features enabling you to safely lift concrete pipes. You don’t need manual assistance or hydraulic power supply, chains or slings during the lifting process. Its narrow profile allows you to easily install concrete pipes into tight trenches. For your safety the tool auto-locks and unlocks a load.

2. Slab lifting clamp for granite from Aardwolf

This tool is compact and thus allows you to lift close packed stone slabs out of racks and containers. It offers an integrated automatic lock-unlock mechanism to make handling of slabs and relevant material more convenient and safe. It’s designed to allow the clamp to grip slabs on pick-up and release the slabs on set down. It is ideal for construction work as it is designed to place panels close against walls.

3. HIT-HY 270

This tool sets a new benchmark in masonry chemical anchoring into CMU and clay bricks. It automatically cleans the hole as you drill to provide a safe and reliable fastening. The tool gives you more installation versatility with improved spacing and edge distance. It allows engineers to design with confidence in masonry applications. The tool’s sleeves offer great flexibility through the use of multiple sleeve combinations. This feature also minimizes mortar wastage by allowing more accurate dosing in hollow base materials.

4. Flexzilla® Garden Hose

These hoses are extremely durable and are purpose-built for use in any industrial environment. They are built from a polymer blend allowing for all-weather flexibility. They are usable in temperatures from minus 40 degrees up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The hoses are memoryless, allowing them to lay flat and resist kinks. They coil easily to make storing effortless. The hoses are leak-free and lightweight. You can safely use the hoses for drinking water.


This pouch is completely waterproof and dustproof to enable you to take your phone wherever you go. It offers revolutionary zip technology to give you the assurance that your phone will not get wet or covered in dust. It offers a clear and touchscreen-friendly pouch. It allows you to take pictures with the front and back cameras, even underwater up to 1m deep. When not in use, it rolls up for compact carrying with you.

6. Claw grabber

This claw grabber is easy to operate. It is made of flexible stainless steel. The claw opens and closes with an easy-to-press button. With its length of 1,450 mm you can reach into most places unreachable with anything else. The tool can grab articles with a diameter of up to 25 mm. With this tool, you can retrieve keys and other articles from drains, or even from wooden under floor surfaces like terraces.

7. RH1255VC

This rotary hammer offers 14.1 ft.-lbs. of impact energy for excellent power. It features vibration control in the hammer mechanism and the handle, enabling you to control the tool comfortably. The tool provides constant response for smooth starts and precise hole placement. It keeps constant speed under load. The tool is designed to allow you to rotate and lock the chisel with precision. The rotary hammer doesn't need any tools to change bits.

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