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1. Bahco Hole Saws-

This set of hole saws is widely used by electricians and plumbers. Each hole saw in this saw set is made from strong durable metal. They all eject easily to make working with the tool very easy and comfortable. The hole saws fit all standard portable drill presses and drills. For durability, there is a rust resisting black oxide coating beneath the orange coating. Every saw is packed in a durable plastic case for your convenience.


This bit system is ideal for the countersinking of fast caps, powerhead screws, and recessing magnets. For your convenience, the system includes a 9/16” cutter, a 3/8” carbide cutter, a 9/16”carbite cutter, an 18 mm carbide cutter and a 1/8” pilot bit replacement. The system has a unique ball-bearing stop collar. This controls the recess depth of the drill and stops the collar’s spinning when it comes in contact with the surface. It is a very handy and safe tool to have.

3. TQ manual cutters

This tile cutter is ideal for cutting tiles with thickness from 3/19” to 9/16”. You work very easy and comfortable with this tool with its swivel square and central pivot. This enables you to make very accurate angle cuts. It offers lateral stop for narrow rips and repetitive cuts. It comes with a chrome steel trapezoidal-shaped guide. Its 7/8” scoring wheel allows you to use the tool on rough and structured surfaces.

4. DEWALT DWHT14675 Ergo Straight Cut Aviation Snip

This handy tool which weighs only 15.7 ounces provides low-level muscle effort when cutting through tough materials. You can use it to cut vinyl siding, aluminum, cardboard, screening, leather, copper and 18 to 220-gauge sheet metal. Its serrated cutting edge prevents materials from slipping during use. A comfortable grip is provided by its bi-material cushion grip. The tool always gives you a clean finish. It sells for less than $22.

5. Matco TSBC250F

This tool has many features which make it a comfortable and easy wrench to use. It offers an oil-resistant handle and very few moving parts. It has no coil spring for reduced wear and tear. For repeated accurate use it stays within calibration when left at any torque setting. For your convenience, the ratchet head clicks audibly when torque setting is reached. This tool comes with a one-year warranty.

6. SKIL 0140 BA 'Brushless' cordless lawn mower

This lawnmower comes with one battery and one charger to ensure that you always have power when needed. When more working time is needed, the charger can charge the battery from 0% to 30% in just 30 minutes. This quick recharging is due to the lithium battery technology that wraps each cell with cooling material to keep the battery powering for 25% longer running time than other batteries. It starts easily with a convenient start push-button.

7. Nite Ize Steelie Bar Mount

This smartphone mount is designed to be used on a bicycle. It securely attaches to your bicycle’s handlebars. But it can also be used on jogging strollers, grocery carts, and many more. It fits on your device allowing you to securely tilt and rotate your phone 369 degrees. This is possible because it features an articulating steel ball. If you are on rough terrain you can use the silicone harness for additional security. Very hand

y to have available.

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