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STAR PLATINUM manual cutters-

This tile cutter is a versatile and lightweight alternative for handling and cutting ceramic and porcelain stoneware tiles. The cutter has an aluminum holder and chrome-plated, rectified steel guides. It offers the user greater robustness and power when cutting. Its millimeter lateral stop allows you to make angular cuts from 0 to 45 degrees quickly and comfortably. Working with this easy to handle cutter speeds up the cutting processes and avoids repetitive work fatigue.

2. Self-loading dolly "Sprinter 90" -

This light wheel dolly is reliable and comes with a robust circular chain tensioner. You can use it for car wheels up to 24". The wheel width can be up to 12 inches. It only weighs 50 lbs. and is easy and comfortable to use with its long pry handle. The wheel clamps with blocks for more grip and flank support. Its special wheels have very good tracking properties. It is galvanized for high corrosion resistance.

3. Running Tire-

This running tire is designed to be used instead of a spare wheel. When you are in traffic, or it’s raining or very hot when you get a flat tire, it is easy to get on the road again with this tool. It’s usable on both front and back tires. It is usable on country roads and highways. You just roll your wheel with the flat tire onto this tool and drive off. You can drive up to 24 mph.

4. CS300 Cordless Chainsaw - battery powered chain saw-

This cordless chainsaw is lightweight for easy and comfortable use. It weighs with the guide bar, chain and battery only 12 pounds. It is equipped with a brushless motor providing efficiency and power. You save time with this saw as you can sharpen your chain without taking it off the saw. It has an oiling system which reduces chain friction. It doesn’t have a pull cord – you start the saw with the pull of a trigger.

5. Mosmatic High Pressure Steaminator-

If you are in the cleaning business and frequently have to clean, disinfect, sterilize or degrease surfaces you must have this tool. You clean walls and surfaces efficiently and fast with steam. By using steam the surfaces also dry fast after they have been cleaned. It is perfect for the medical and food industries due to its stainless steel construction. Its swivel, rotor arm and adjustable drive make it easy to work with.

6. Satisfying Laser Cleaning-

Laser cleaning is a process for removal of surface coating from metals, concrete and delicate substrates such as composites. It is a non-contact and, environmentally friendly process. The process has minimal impact on the materials and surfaces it is applied to. The portable system makes it possible to work outdoors as well. The cleaning and surface removal can be applied to surfaces of bridges, aircraft, large vehicles, trains, and other outdoor objects.


This tool is a must for every tire center. Most tire centers use an impact drill to fasten wheel nuts to save the client time. Sometimes the impact drill cross threads the nut and smashes the threads. This tool is a deburring tool bit that repairs damaged bolts. The bolts can then be threaded to the nuts again. With this tool, your tire center will never have to ask a client again to drive to an auto mechanic to have the damaged lug repaired.

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