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Wolfcraft Handy Spring Clamp -

This tool is ideal for fixing in confined spaces due to its long tapered arms. Its needle nose shape allows clamping in hard to reach areas. For easy adjustment, and re-affixing of a workpiece in a secure manner, this lightweight, glass-filled nylon clamp has a 2-stage trigger release. It has a soft textured handle grip for greater leverage when clamping. It allows incremental clamping pressure for a variety of applications.

Hultafors Adjustable Wrecking Bar -,

This wrecking bar with its ergonomic rubber-clad handle is manufactured in quality steel. It is very durable. It offers an adjustable claw which you can adjust to nine different positions. The tool is easy to use and the curved section of the chisel gives space for your hand. This makes the risk of crushing damage minimal. The risk of leaving marks is also minimized by the wide ground contact surfaces and thin ends.

Mac Tools Diesel Filter Wrench for Paccar -

This special all-metal wrench with its half-moon design offers you easy access to the fuel filters found on Kenworth, Peterbilt and Cummins diesels. With this tool you can remove and install bowls on Paccar chassis mounted fuel filter assemblies. It is made from laser-cut steel to guarantee strength to loosen even the toughest bowls. The tool is manufactured from industry-leading materials to ensure reliability and long tool life. For comfortable and easy use it has a thick padded grip.

Southware Multipurpose Wire Tracing Kit -,

This tool to trace a variety of cable types is popular with everybody working frequently with cables. The tool can trace non-energized low-voltage cables. It offers an LED flashlight for cable tracing in low-light places. The kit is in a rugged belt-mount case with five adapter cables. It provides an audible and visual indication of what is found. The tester has a double molded housing for durability and a good grip.

Magswitch PIVOT ANGLE 200 Pivot Angle 200 - ,

If you have to do repetitive work on uncommon angles this tool is a must-have. It accommodates flat surfaces and pipes. The axis magnets hold on two sides, enabling you to secure the tool to a table or wall while it simultaneously holds the workpiece. It has a single lock on the elbow to quickly secure the angle. The dial on the elbow has an indicator every 5 degrees to make it comfortable and easy for you to use.

AL-PRO Hammer-

This hammer’s revolutionary technology produces a tool made from an aluminum alloy lighter than titanium. The head is designed to dampen vibration to give every blow maximum force. It also has a shock reduction grip. The steel head with its interlocking steel claw gives the toll durable strength where it is needed. It also has a magnetic nail starter in the head for your convenience. It is 16” in length and weighs 14 ounces.

Craftsman MACH Series 8-Inch Slide Wrench -

If you are a craftsman, this tool should be in your toolbox. You can use it for a variety of jobs. It is a hand tool which adjusts up to 8 inches with its unique quick slide adjustment feature. It adjusts easily and works faster than traditional adjustable wrenches. You can quickly move between different sizes of bolts as the adjustment mechanism is so simple. It comes with a full warranty.

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