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Woodpeckers Posi-Lock T-Square -

This tool is ideal for professional woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts. For an improved line of sight to the workpiece, its scale edges are beveled. To read the laser engraved scales easily, to enable you to measure accurately, the blade edges are machined to a 30-degree bevel. It is accurate to 0.001-inch. It comes with precisely spaced 1 mm holes drilled every 1/16-inch. It also has additional holes on the 1-inch centers. You work comfortably with the tool due to the easy access finger slots.

D-Unique Tools Universal Square Wall -

This tool saves up to 70% on wall framing layout time. It is a tool that efficiently and accurately aides in the layout of walls, rafters and angles. It has an exact 2x4 saw guide for a circular saw. With it, you easily square windows and doors. It is designed for all conventional lumber. Professional workers and DIY enthusiasts use the tool as it gives you a helping extra hand for holding a tape measure.

Yost Vises Heavy-Duty Multi-Jaw Rotating Combination Pipe and Bench Vise -

This tool is a rugged rotating vise. It is cast from heavy-duty 60,000 PSI ductile iron. This enables the vise to clamp more than 9,000 PSI of force. The vise is heavy and weighs 63 pounds. This enhances the ruggedness and stability of the vise. The jaws of the vise are also manufactured from hardened steel. The serrated jaws can open up to 5-inches. The head of the vise locks in place with a hardened steel pin. This pull-pin rotating mechanism makes rotating the vise easy.

Knipex Cable Tie Cutter Set-

If you work with cable ties you definitely need this cutter set in your toolbox. The laser-tooled jaws safely grips, compresses and releases the cable tie without cutting. To avoid unintentional damage to the insulation all the edges on the pliers head are rounded. It is an ideal tool for working in confined spaces. You can use it for low-risk cutting of cable ties when the cable tie head cannot be held. The tool is also able to cut hard wires up to 0.7 mm

Tileasy Grout Remover -

This tool is ideal for the professional tiler and DIY enthusiast. Everyone who wants to renovate a bathroom or kitchen should have one. It has a strong plastic handle and a tungsten carbide grit blade. It is a durable blade, but replacement blades are available if needed after some time. It is designed to easily and comfortably remove old grout between tiles. Its blade is designed to remove the grout without damaging or chipping the tiles.

Microjig Matchfit Dovetail Router Bit -

With this tool, you can rout incredible clean dovetail grooves. The grooves will also require less sanding. The tool evacuates chips and dust and thus reduce friction and heat. This results in cleaner cuts. The tool has a 140-degree ½-inch profile with rounded corners for smoother grooves. For safety reasons, there is a line which shows how deep into the collet the bit should be. It is also a perfect fit for the matchfit dovetail clamp system.

Uninor Multifunctional electricians pliers -

This tool can be used for a variety of tasks. A hardwire from 2.2 mm to 4 mm can be bent. Rings can be bent to any side as the tool has teeth on both sides of the jaw. Sensitive surfaces can be gripped by the ground part of the jaw. You can crimp insulated spade terminals up to 4 mm in diameter with the pliers. The handles are designed to give your hand more leverage during use.

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