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Coghlan's Pop-Up Trash Can -

If you are a frequent camper or often going on outdoor adventures, this trash can is a must-have. You can use it to keep recreational areas and campsites clean. It is portable and easy to carry and made of durable polyethylene material. The polyethylene is also easy to clean. It pops out easily and is immediately usable. To store, it collapses just as easy. It is equipped with Velcro-straps to kee

p it in position.

CRAFTSMAN Random Orbit Sander, 3-Amp, Corded -

This orbit sander is the ideal tool if you have to prepare surfaces, smooth seams or remove varnish and paint. It is designed with a low profile to give you control and less vibration. Its 3 Amps motor with 12,000 OPM offers the necessary power to complete tasks with ease. The tool has a detachable dust bag you can use, or you can connect to a vacuum. For durability, the switch is dust-sealed. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Crescent Wiss Crescent Wiss - Edge Aviation Snip Straight -

This tool is designed for long overall snip life. Its unique system allows you to use 20% less force to cut than with other snippers. The blade serrations spread the cutting force across the whole blade to improve the cut quality. This also enhances a longer tool life. Its blades open every time all the way to ensure a maximum length of cut. This lightweight and easy to use tool sells for less than $65.

Knipex 87 51 250"Cobra" ES 9,84" Water Pump Pliers

This tool is ideal for maintenance, service and repairs of equipment in the automotive and general industry. For less than $45 it is worthwhile to purchase it for your toolbox. The slim construction of its head and the joint area make it handy for easy access to the workpiece. You can adjust the pliers for optimum adaptation to different sizes of workpieces. The tool also has a comfortable handle width.

Hitachi WH18DGL 18-Volt 1/4-Inch Cordless Lithium Ion Impact Driver -

This impact driver comes with a lifetime tool warranty and a two-year Lithium Ion battery warranty. This is an indication of the durability of this tool and its battery. It is designed to handle tough jobs in tight spaces. Maximum driving speed and excellent fastening capabilities is possible with its powerful 1,280 in/lbs of turning torque and up to 2,400 RPM and 3,200 BPM. The tool is lightweight and easy to work with.

Soges 16.5 FT Telescoping Ladder Extension Ladder Aluminum Multi-Purpose A-Frame Folding Telescopic Ladder -

This telescoping ladder is practical for individuals and professionals. It is ideal for tasks in and around the house. The ladder is also handy for building maintenance, window cleaning, painting and general decorating. It can be used indoors and outdoors. For your safety, it locks at every step with latches that automatically spring into place when the ladder is extended. It can be adjusted for different jobs. Fully extended it is 16.4ft. and it can bear a load of 330lbs.

Stabila ProLiner Cross Line Laser Level Plus Plumb Points -

If you want to give your projects a professional look, you need a good level. This laser level is the ideal tool to provide that. It has a self-leveling system and the ability to throw laser level lines horizontally and vertically and plumbs dots as well. The sharp laser lines are visible for up to 60 feet. The vertical beam is visible behind the laser. Its adjustable base lifts the laser over wooden plates and metal track

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