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1.KAPRO 875 Prolaser- This tool is ideal for indoor and outdoor layout. Door, window and fixture alignments are made easy. If you want to construct a deck, this tool will also be handy. It offers 6 laser beams, including 1 horizontal and 4 vertical beams with a 90-degree intersection on ceilings. The laser range is 100 feet indoors and 165 feet outdoors. It comes with Beamfinder glasses, a laser target, a rechargeable Lithium battery and a soft carrying case. 2. KNIPEX Pince de carreleur- This cutting tool is a must for all tilers. It is ideal for long and thick tiles. It makes precise cutting of tiles and slabs easy. Just mark the line, adjust the thickness with the push button on the tool, and cut. Its soft interchangeable plastic jaw protects the material. The unique design of the tool enables you to multiply your hand pressure 10 times. For durability, it is made of chrome vanadium electric steel, which is forged and oil-hardened. 3.Oregon Cordless BR600 Sweeper - This sweeper makes cleaning outdoors very comfortable and easy. It has variable speeds which you can control with the speed trigger. Its 40 Volt motor provides you with a tool that can clean everything in your garden or on your patio. As it is battery-driven there is no engine noise. The battery fits easily into the tool and offers you at least 20 minutes runtime. You can also switch between applications without any hassles. Every homeowner should have this sweeper. 4. PFERD - STEEL Cut Burs- This set offers five tungsten carbide burrs. They process steel and cast steel in almost all shapes and dimensions. It can be used for milling out, leveling, deburring, cutting out of holes and much more. To protect the tools against damage and dirt it comes in a plastic box. For easy storage and withdrawal, the burrs are secured at the shanks. The set comprises of the five tungsten carbide burrs, a shank and a steel-cut. 5.18V X2 (36V) LXT Brushless 9- Power Cutter - Everyone involved with concrete cutting applications should have this tool. Its brushless motor is powered by two 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries. This eliminates engine pull-starts and allows an immediate start-up. As it is battery-powered you can work in indoor environments. It has an integrated water delivery system. With the adjustment of a knob, water flow can be controlled to feed water to the working surface in compliance with OSHA’s regulations. 6.Nemo Hull Cleaner- This hull cleaner comes in a waterproof high-quality hard case and is submersible up to 164 ft. It works with a 900 watts brushless motor which is computer-controlled. The motor is powered by one 18V Li-ion 10Ah battery which allows you more than 2 hours running time. Two brushes are included when you purchase the cleaner. The brushes mount keyless to the hex chuck. No pushing is needed as the tool creates suction between the brush and the hull. 7. JET 8-Inch, 10-Inch, and 12-Inch Industrial Buffers- The buffers are known for their durability with their heavy cast iron bases, steel motor housings, cast end plates and large drive shafts. Their safety features include oversized reverse thread lock nuts keeping the finishing wheels in place. They also have safety switches with keys. With shaft spacer configurations and different horsepower options you are in a position to use a wide range of finishing applications. The buffers are engineered for professionals and can operate from deburring wheels to buffing discs.

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