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1. GBM 50-2 Bosch-

You can work accurately, efficiently and comfortably with this tool. It’s ideal for drilling in metal. The tool’s laser technology helps to set the target easily and the

drilling is provided by its powerful motor. To prevent damage to your tool, and for safety purposes to prevent electric shock, the tool is provided with an automatic power disconnect system. You also receive alerts for preventive maintenance, like when to change the carbon brushes. An excellent tool to have.

2. K I M O. Cordless Leaf Blower -

It’s easy to work with this lightweight leaf blower. It is a perfect tool to clean your courtyard, your car’s inside and even the engine compartment. The cordless design allows you to clean anywhere. The blower easily transforms into a vacuum cleaner to be used indoors and outdoors. It takes 60 minutes to charge its batteries and once charged, you will be able to clean your house, garden and car. A very handy tool to have at home.

3. Bosch GLL100G -

This tool uses technology which generates lines up to four times brighter than standard red beams. A range of up to 100 ft. becomes possible. It offers horizontal, vertical and cross-line modes and can project two lines together or independently. Thus it can be used with and applied to a variety of alignment and leveling applications. Its self-leveling technology indicates out-of-level conditions to ensure an accurate layout. It’s built with sturdy over-molded construction to protect against dust and water.

4. Milwaukee® M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ 3” Underground Cable Cutter-

This cutter offers a very controlled way of cable-cutting. It is designed to work in trenches. Workers can with ease get the cable up and scoop it into the tool’s open jaw. This enables them to maintain balance when lining up to cut. It offers a fully enclosed high-speed hydraulic pump and brushless motor. Its battery delivers reliable power in the toughest situations. The tool is also designed to give notifications when maintenance is needed.

5. Sierra Caladora Inalámbrica GST 12V-70-

This tool is designed for curved and transverse cuts. It is also ideal for small to medium-sized applications in solid wood, chipboard and wood composites. It allows perfect handling due to its grip which is extremely close to the cutting line. This cordless jigsaw with its lightweight design gives you optimal control of the tool. Blade-changing is very easy. With its constant speed function, LED light, orbital movement, and speed selections this is a very efficient tool.

6. TZ 6500 - Commercial Grout Cleanup Machine-

If you have to clean-up grout frequently, this is a machine you must have. It picks grout off the floor surface and washes it efficiently due to the sponge belt around its rollers. The residue and water are then pressed out in an attached bucket. This leaves a clean and film-free surface. As it uses less water than most grout-cleaning machines the grout joints are not washed out. You can use the machine successfully on various surfaces

7. WS-1945 Military Floor Jack-

This hydraulic jack is specifically designed to be used for heavy-duty military and construction vehicles. It allows you to lift 46,000 lbs. You can lift the front or the rear of the vehicle with this tool. Numerous shackle adapters are available to work with. For safety, the twin rams lock onto the collars. It has independent lifting ram controls which make it easy to control the jack. A pressure relief valve prevents overloading.

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