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1.CAMO® EdgeClip & EdgeXClip -

This tool offers a one-pass fastening as no partial installation is required. The clips are designed for 90 degree grooved deck installations. They can be used with PVC, composite and wood. With joist spacing of 16 inches, the 900 count covers up to 500 square feet. They create a 3/16-inch gap. You can use either the included Never-Miss Guide or the Camo Drive stand-up tool. The clips test 88% stronger than other board m

anufacturers’ clips.

2.Cos-Tools XT8011 Hole Drill

You can buy this ideal tool for less than $25. For that low price, you get a drill suitable to drill holes ¾-inch, ½-inch or 0.28-inch in diameter. The tool is suitable to work with material thickness up to 3/16-inc. And it is the ideal tool to work on 4mm-10mm (0.157-inch to 0.393-inch) EVA foam. The tool is comfortable and easy to work due to the interchangeable quick-change drill tips it offers.

3. Crescent® Pipe Wrenches-

This tool has been developed by a company with more than 100 years of experience and with ongoing research to provide quality and innovative tools. This wrench offers you the best available in the market. It is used for gripping and holding pipes and fasteners. Its self-adjusting head is designed to grip and release pipes and fasteners quick with its ratcheting action. The jaw has a 5/8-inch to 1 1/2-inch capacity.

4. DOER Table Sanding in action-

This sander forms part of a unique 12-in-1 multipurpose tool box. All the tools in the box transform from handheld tools into benchtop tools. It’s compact and portable. The sander is easy to mount on a table. You just attach the drill head horizontally to the mount. Then you fasten it to the post/fence to utilize the table sanding feature. The power needed, is provided by any electrical plug via the AC/DC converter which is one of the twelve tools in the box.

5. Jokari - Abisolierzange SECURA 2K-

This wire stripper is an automatic wire stripper which automatically adjusts to cables of 0.2-6.0mm². As no diameter adjustments are required, it offers speedy and precise stripping of wires. It is ideal for places where access is difficult. The stripper features exchangeable blades. It also has an integral wire cutter for diameters of up to 2.5 mm². Its plier-handle is designed to be comfortable and easy to work with. It has a soft, non-slip safety grip. It sells for less than $46.

6. Klutch Pneumatic Dent Puller-

This affordable tool is commonly used as pneumatic dent puller. It comes with a 3-pounds sliding hammer, a 13-inch inlet hose, and brass shutoff valve. It also includes a ¼-inch air plug. The through-handle exhaust ensures that exhaust is safely directed away from the user. There are 3-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch pads included. It is easy to set up and if you are an auto restorer you can’t be without this tool.

7. Professional steam cleaners and steam vacuum cleaners for disinfection cleaning-

This company’s steam cleaners are hygienic, cost-saving and environmentally friendly. They are the ideal tools to professionally clean all hard surfaces. And you don’t need chemical cleaning agents. With the right accessories, almost any cleaning is possible. The steam that emerges from the nozzle in very fine droplets does it all. At temperatures up to 100° C and a pressure of up to 8 bar, the steam cleans all cracks and rubber folds.


This heavy-duty saw is designed for the professional. It is commonly used on construction sites. It can drill through double layers of drywall up to 1" thick. The tool is utilized as a box cutter to install outlets, light switches and data points. It cuts perfectly rectangular or square holes very fast and it does that perfectly every time, saving on working hours. The tool is designed to reduce the amount of hazardous dust when cutting. This reduces the cleaning-up time.

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