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1. PacTool International SS424 -

This tool is designed to cut thick fiber cement underlayment. It cuts up to ½-inch thick fiber. Its unique design lets you work both indoor and outdoor. When you work indoors the tool ensures that the house is without dust. The tool works comfortable and leaves very few broken corners. Its reversible blades are made of solid tool steel and don’t need replacement often. The 6.5-amp motor works efficiently and makes this a very popular tool.

2. GaffGun -

If you are frequently working with cables and need to cover the cables on the floor with tape, this is the tape applicator you must have. It gathers the cables and lays tape over them. This is done effortlessly and quick. You can also use the tool for other purposes like marking your store or masking off areas. It can also be used for laying double-sided carpet tape. This is a very versatile tool.


This floor cleaner is the optimum solution for wet cleaning. It has an integrated water tank which can hold 10 liter of water. Its base of 335 x 485 mm ensure that cleaning is done quickly and sufficiently. The cleaner’s one-step cleaning method can be done right up to edges and even into corners. It is simple and easy to use and works excellent in combination with the floor sander for maintenance, basic cleaning and the removal of the old coating.

4. Makizume color-silver block -

This is nail correction tool for anyone who has ingrown nails. It fits over the nail and hooks up with both sides of your nail. Both sides are pulled upwards to prevent ingrowing again. The tool is made of stainless steel and covered with metal plating to prevent metal allergy. It comes in 3 sizes and 4 strengths and you have to choose the best fit for your nail. Wearing the tool doesn’t interfere with your daily life. An ideal solution for ingrown nails.


This tool allows you to lift a load easily by moving the height-lever up and down. It is very durable as it is made of stamped steel, and a reinforced rigidly fixed spring is used. This spring guarantees reliable functioning of the mechanism under load. It excludes deformation and increases the working of the mechanism as a whole. Due to the working platform’s width of 620mm it can be utilized for a variety of loads.

6. PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX* Hammer Drill -

If you need high-performance drilling, this tool could be your best option. Its ability to handle the toughest jobs makes it a very popular tool. The power it delivers is enough to complete large and small jobs. Bit-slippage is minimized by the tool’s ½-inch ratcheting chuck. It offers 23 chuck settings. The battery gauge clearly displays the battery status to allow you to see how much power is still left.

7. DEWALT 60V MAX* Cordless Dust Extractor -

This efficient dust extractor is cordless for your convenient usage. It can be used with wet and dry applications. Its wireless tool-control allows you to utilize the on-off switch remotely. It has automatic filter cleaning and comes with dual filters. A HEPA filter is included with the unit. It provides OSHA Table 1 compliant solutions for up to 5 in. This excellent tool sells for less than $420 and is very handy to have.

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