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1. Conduit Benders with Angle Setters™ -

This tool’s head is designed to deliver accurate bends consistently. It can be used for saddle bends, back-to-back bends, stub-ups and offsets. The tool’s design reduces rippling of the conduit. You work comfortably with this lightweight tool made from die-cast aluminum. The tool is very stable due to its wide foot pedal. The pedal also provides easy leverage. It offers easily visible arrows for alignment on conduit marks. A built-in clamp securely holds

2. Pactool SA707 Fiber Cement Saw Blade -

If you frequently do fiber-cement ripping and crosscutting, this tool is worth looking at to purchase. It sells at less than $55. The blade is made with polycrystalline diamond tips and has a 4-tooth design with a 5/8-inch arbor. It can work with speeds up to 8,000 rpm. The blade is designed for all types of fiber-cement ripping and crosscutting. With this tool, you can install fiber-cement siding fast and easy

3. Rockler Ergonomic Full Size Turning Tools -

This tool is an excellent tool for beginners and advanced wood turners. It has a rotatable cutter to eliminate downtime for sharpening the blade. You rotate the cutter for a sharp edge and only replace it when all available edges have become dull. Its handles are made of solid ash and covered with thick molded rubber for a good grip. This tool is also good value for money as you don’t have to invest in sharpening equipment.

4. RIDGID RP 350 Press Tool - If you are a user of RIGID standard series jaws, rings, and actuators, this press toll is a must-have for you. It is compatible with all RIGID’s attachments. It offers a brushless motor capable of more than 100,000 press cycles. The tool has a 360-degree swivel for the hard-to-reach places. It comes with an advanced LED interface and lighting. You don’t have to do scheduled maintenance and is extremely durable.

5.General Tools 850 Pocket Hole Jig Kit -

For less than $30 you can own this excellent system. It is a complete pocket hole jig system and very popular with DIY-enthusiasts. It is designed to create accurate hole joints. It can be used to build face frame cabinets, leg-and-rail connections, and can put screws into tight spots. The tool is versatile and you can use it as bench mounted or as a portable tool. It is designed with a built-in clamping system.

6. RIDGID K-50 Sectional Machine -

This drain cleaning tool is compact and versatile. It is a tool designed for professionals and can run three different size cables: 5⁄16", 3⁄8" and 5⁄8". The tool is a must for all drain cleaning companies. It is ideal for cleaning sinks, showers and floor drains. With its unique instant-acting cable clutch it is easy to control. You just pull the handle down and the cable spins at 400 RPM. When you want to stop the cable, just release the handle.

7. DoohicKey QuicKey and SkullKey Multi Tools -

These multi-tools are key-shaped tools that you can attach to your key ring. You can always have the tools with you for when needed. The tools include a file, a #2 flat-head screwdriver, a scoring point, a serrated edge to be used to saw, and a bottle opener. The tools are made of durable stainless steel. You can also engrave your logo or name on the tools and use as marketing gifts.

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