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Top 7 New Construction Invention That Are At Another Level

POPeeze Popcorn Texture Ceiling Removal tutorial This device helps to remove the popcorn ceilings quickly and easily. this tutorial Unlike the traditional methods of removing the ceiling, this method is safer, cleaner and more efficient. To use this tool, you simply attach it to the vacuum hose and a pole. It simplifies your work and you do not have to use the ladder. It is worth noting that this device cannot be used on the ceiling that has been painted over. It comes with a user manual in English and Spanish, three replaceable blades and a funnel. It is equipped with a very tight hand grip for use in difficult areas. Safety Hoist Roofing Power Ladders This safety hoisting ladder is safe, simple to use and to set up and it is affordable. It is light weight thus easy to carry around and transport. One person can easily and quickly mount and dismount it. It is capable of lifting different materials up the ladder. This Technology can lift and support a weight of up to 200 pounds. It helps minimize instances of injuries on the user that might occur due to fatigue when using conventional ladders. The safety hoisting ladders are made from durable and high quality materials thus little mentainance is required. This saves you time and money. BRIC 35 Cortag The wall chaser was created for making both straight and curved cuts on brick walls. It comes with a 35 mm miller cutter with tungsten carbide teeth, a spacer ringer, two bolt wrench and a fixed wrench. 1. ArgaFast This tool is used for spreading cement easily and quickly on the bricks during construction. It helps minimize wastage and mess during construction. Argafast can be adjusted to suit any size of bricks using screws. It can adjust to size of bricks ranging from 8.5 cm to 20.5 cm. It is equipped with a container that can hold up to 2 gallons of cement. The manufacturers of this tool claim that it can spread up to 13 linear feet of mortar in just 15 seconds. This tool is made from non-rust synthetic material which is abrasion and chemical resistant. It comes with a built-in bubble level measuring tool that indicates the amount of mortar in the container. Probst ENZ Pin Extractor This is a simple tool that is used to pull and extract strings line pins on the construction site. Unlike the traditional methods such as using hammer, pliers or hands, this method is safe, easy, convenient and quick. This device can be used on pins with a diameter ranging from 10mm to 30 mm. You will get well straightened pins, unlike when using other methods. The cost of straightening these pins is high. Thus, ENZ helps you save money and it is cost effective. When using the ENZ, you do not have to exert too much effort. Additionally, this machine is well galvanized and durable. Mortar - These mortars are produced by the Weber Company. The Company produces high quality and different variety of mortars such as the: Concrete protection mortars, Concrete repair mortars, Precision grouting, Bedding mortars, Structural strengthening and the Ancillary products. The type of mortar you need depends with the project you are undertaking. These mortars helps make life easier, safe, comfortable and convenient. The use of these mortars are environmentally friendly and they are long-lasting to serve you for a long time in the future. These mortars can be used for housing refurbishments, highways or other major infrastructure contracts. KERDI-BOARD - Bathroom - The Kerdi-Board offers new construction solutions in both installation and designing in the construction sites. It creates an excellent tile covering no matter where or what you are working on. You can achieve straight and precise angled floor both on inside and outside corners. . Other properties of this Kerdi-board, is that it is water and temperature resistant, it has no cement or fiber and it has printed gridlines for easy and accurate cutting. It can also be installed on partition walls, shelves, coverings and other surfaces. HARO Floor on Wall - The Haro flooring are made in Germany. Haro creates quality wooden floors to express the authenticity and the diversity of wood. It makes the floors very special with inspiration from the nature. The Haro floor products are easy to clean and maintain, offers a healthy atmosphere, sustainable production, durable and long-lasting, natural and beautiful and are environmentally friendly. It comes in different styles, colors and formats to accentuate your style. The Haro floor create a 100% atmosphere for your home. It is environmental friendly since it is renewable and made from natural raw materials.

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