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Top 7 New Construction Inventions That Are At Another Level 2

Roller Ready

Cleaning your paint roller after painting can be challenging. But not anymore, the roller ready will help you clean your paint roller in just a few seconds. It is fast and easy. All you need is just water and a cordless drill. To use the Roller Ready, attach it to the cordless drill and place the dirty paint roller on it. Place it on a water container and turn on the drill. This process will leave your paint roller clean in just a few seconds. The drill bit roller comes in two different versions. One is made from plastic and the other from aluminum. The plastic one cleans up to 9 inches of the paint roller. The aluminum version, also known as the pro version cleans up to 18 inches of the paint roller.

This industrial ladder was created to ensure the safety of its users. It makes climbing the ladder 25 times easier when compared to using the ordinary traditional ladders. The total weight of this ladder is 15 lbs. with dimensions of 32.5 x 8x1.5 inches. This ladder is designed to reduce lateral movements and prevent ladder kick out. Another important aspect of this ladder is that, it can hold up and lock on any surface. It can work well on grass, snow/ice, concrete, wood or sand. Additionally, this tool is made from top quality 11 gauge cold rolled steel. It has detachable staples for easy and safe use on soft surfaces.

Aqua Jet Roof Cleaning Robot

This machine was made for cleaning the surface of the roofs. The Aqua Jet Roof cleaner can clean off all type of roof surfaces. It can remove the moss on the roofs, clean the gutter, do pressure washing and power washing. It uses hot high-pressure water to wash and rinse the roofs. This machine is user friendly and it helps you save money that you would otherwise use on cleaning labor.

Hitachi Rebar Cutter / Bender

This is an 8 amp motor with intense power of 530 Watts. It can handle the bending rebar of up to grade 60 at an angle of 180°. For high accuracy, this machine is fitted out with a preset dial that completes itself. It takes approximately 3.1 second to cut and 5.1 seconds to bend rebar in different angles. This machine weighs only 42 pounds thus highly portable, comfortable to carry around and it is easy to use. It has a variable speed trigger that has a safety lock that provides a manual like precision and it controls the bending speed. Additionally, it has reference markings on the bending plates that offer smooth adjusting.

Collomix Masonry System

The Collomix Company produces a variety of mixing machines. These machines are of high quality and they offer high productivity, high returns on investment and saves time and money. The company produce mixers such as the handheld mixers, the mixing paddles and the automatic mixers. These mixers are easy to use, fast and efficient. The choice of your mixing machine depends with the material that you are mixing. The Collomix Masonry system offers high productivity and result-oriented job.


This innovative machine is used to drill square socket holes on the plaster walls. This hand held machine is made in UK and it comes with six replaceable blades that can be easily switched. This quadsaw is capable of cutting holes with a dimensions of 75mm x 75mm and 75mm x 135mm. Additionally, this quadsaw can be used with any universal power or battery drill with a 13mm chuck. This machine is very fast and efficient. It can make a hole in within 30 seconds. It is safe to work with this machine, as it only makes cuts to the prescribed depths. This also helps increase the accuracy. Another advantage of using the quadsaw, is that it makes clean cuts, thus, no wastages or snagging and it helps you save money.

Nora Flooring -

This flooring is made from rubber and it is made in Germany. This Nora flooring can be installed on any kind of building according to your needs. It is highly durable and it will serve you for decades to come. It is a combination of sustainable quality and outstanding functionality. It is pressed under high pressure which makes it highly resistant to wear and tear. It is easy and fast to clean. They come in tiles and rolls and eight different designs and colors. The Nora flooring does not need plasticizers, thanks to its elastic material properties. The advantages of using the Nora flooring are: It offers safety, comfort with an elegant design, it is very durable and hard-wearing, it is environmentally safe and healthy and it is easy and economical to maintain.

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