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These anti-bird spikes save you the menace of irksome bird droppings. Each pack contains 24 rows, and each row has five points on a plastic base. They can be installed over parking sheds, roofs, or window sills to keep birds away. You can split the spikes into sizes of 4cm for precision. And depending on the installation surface, you can fasten the spikes with screws, nails, or glue.

SPAX | Screws with quality

The Spax quality screw is a 4-cut screw that is manufactured with a drive recess that boosts the transmission of forces from a drill. It has threads that slice effortlessly into wood, and a milling feature underneath its head for efficient entrance into wooden and metallic surfaces. And because the screw point of this screw reduces splitting on wood, it does not require any previous drilling of surfaces.

FloPlast Rainwater System

The FloPlast Rainwater system comes with an already fitted seal, is easy to set up, and is suitable for both metal and plastic surfaces. With a drill, a screwdriver, a hack-saw, silicone spray, and a plumb line, you can get this system up and operational. You only need to appropriately position the brackets and gutter outlets of this system, and you are ready to manage rainwater from your roof.

How to Make a Layered Sand Terrarium

A layered sand terrarium is not only a beautiful, but it is also effortless to make. You only need a glass vase, a decorative plant, sands of different colors, pebbles, and decorative items. Fill the base of the vase with one sand, then position the plant in the middle. Fill up other layers of sand before adding the pebbles and other decorative items.


The Velux roof window is a modern facility for enhancing the level of brightness in your living space. It is made from sustainably-sourced high-quality wood and subjected to a strictly-controlled process. Each part of this window is painted separately with a water-based, UV-resistant formula for a durable finish. It is ideal for single-floor extensions, new buildings, and loft conversion; and will beautifully complement any home décor.

PureSpa DeLuxe HWS 800

Cleanse your body and mind of stress in the PureSpa Deluxe HWS 800. It is a luxury and relaxation pool that can accommodate up to 4 adults at a time. It has four dynamic jets powering its 120 bubble system for bubble therapy and hydromassage. It also has an integrated water treatment system and an automated pressure relief system. This pool is portable, easy to install, and features Bluetooth-enabled operation.

Faux Stone Accent Wall Installation

A faux stone accent wall is an affordable version of the real stone wall. It has a more straightforward setup, and comes in different shades and designs that perfectly complement your interior and outdoor spaces. The regency stones are set on a polyurethane panel, and secured on the wall with screws. Each panel is durable and will not get damaged by humidity, heat, or weather extremities.

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