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Painting like a Pro Line lazer 250 HS

Line Lazer 250 HS is a painting equipment that is known for its high stripping performance. It is useful for large, heavy duty jobs like road jobs and lot painting. This equipment’s simple but intricate design includes features like an extended stripping time, push buttons on its manual and automatic gun, and an easy-to-use remote control box. This machine also has the ability to disengage engines during rapid starting.

WSU Dirt Construction Andale Construction

Flawless dirt works is what with the Andale Construction firm is known for. This company is an innovative firm specialized in dirt works, site works, and earth works. We prepare soil for durable road construction beginning with active soil levelling and stabilization. We also carryout full-depth reclamation, full-service demolition, clearing, excavation, compaction and grading. Our projects are completed using heavy duty cranes and excavators.

Fastpatch DPR

The Fastpatch DPR is an ideal substance for all forms of concrete repair, and is used with the Fastpatch kicker to form a fast-curing repair on concrete surfaces. This pavement repair glue is easy to apply, and provides a long-lasting repair for any type of distressed pavement. It is also known for its excellent adhesive property, impact absorption and freeze resistance. The odourless characteristic of this patch also makes it suitable for indoor use.

Fast Optic Trenching Repair

Vacuum excavation is the best process for fibre optic trenching. But it is necessary that users of this technology develop certain skillsets to be able to use it safely and cost-effectively. This excavation method makes use of high pressure air which guards against the damage of underground facilities. The unique design of this solution ensures that the exact soil quantity is removed during excavation. The soil is stored in the excavation rigs, and then used to refill the trench afterwards.

Redesignation of the Touch Down Zone

In the design of a runway, the Touch Down Zone is the portion of the runway beyond the threshold where the landing plane first touches the runway. This zone ensures that the aircraft remains within the runway’s safety margin, so that no damage or fatality occurs in times of landing emergencies. Once the rubber used for this Zone designation gets worn out, it is removed for replacement with a chemical solvent.

Crack Pro 125 Crack filling Equipment

Crack Pro 125 is filling equipment and sealant that is built with the largest of air compressors. It features unique elements such as a relatively fast heat up time, low machine profile for maximum operator safety, and a digital control centre to maintain electrical heat through the AC gauge. Also, to ensure that this sealant is applied safely, it includes an anti-splash material loading technique.

Beton Trowel (BT)

Beton Trowel is an industry that specializes in concrete finishing and compaction equipment. This industry is renowned in Europe, and supplies most concrete flooring contracts' equipment. It is also famous for its consistent product quality and reliability. Its products can be handled comfortably, with hassle-free and lasting performances. And these products include Walk-Behind and Ride-On Power Trowel, Trowel blades, float pans, vibrating screed, concrete vibrators, and material spreaders.

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