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Fabrication of the WOLPLAN GENEO Anhydrite Screed of Natural Origin

Natural Anhydrite screed from WOLPLAN GENEO is your go-to calcium sulfate screed for all kinds of floorcoverings. This screed is sourced from nature, is durable, and dries at a limit-breaking rate of more than 2mm per day. To install a screed floor, simply pour the mixed screed on an already-prepared floor, fill in every space with a leveler, and allow to dry.

TC-7 Stand-Up Edger

The TC-7 Stand-Up Edger was designed to help you complete your edging projects comfortably without losing control over your equipment. This concrete grinder and polisher is made from durable aluminum. It is powered by a 15 amp Metabo W24-230 electric grinder, and has powerful casters that easily rolls over concrete and site debris for easy polishing. Its design also incorporates a dust shroud mechanism for a dust-free edging.

Mark-III Joint Clean-out Saw

Looking for ways to make clean or decorative cuts and marks on concrete? Then check out the U.S. Saws Mark-III Joint Clean-Out Saw. Its design features a durable aluminum frame, comfortable and shock-absorbing grips, and a vacuum system for dust-free cutting. You can adjust the cutting depth of this saw up to depths of 2 inches, and its stand-up handles keeps your back upright and comfortable throughout the operation.

Color Hardener Floated in 1 Pass

To get perfect floors, every concrete finishing process is to be done at its appropriate timing. Color hardening is usually done about 20 minutes into the concrete’s setting time, after bleed water has formed. To load color from the opposite side of the color hardening tool, begin by floating it in one pass across the concrete. Then turn on the vibrator while returning the tool.

Bull Float Vibrator High Velocity VBA1 In Action

The Rattle Stick High Velocity Bull Float Vibrator allows a bi-directional equipment control for all your concrete surface finishing. It is a 6-foot vibrating float made from long-lasting Marshalltown magnesium, and is powered by two 5A, 20V lithium batteries. This Rattle Stick tool works according its operator’s movements to ensure a clean concrete surface without putting undue pressure on your back.

Laying of a PROSTILT Pedestal Terrace with Outdoor Ceramics

The laying of a PROSTILT pedestal terrace is relatively easy, and can be done with or without professional help. Simply position the pedestals on the floor, spacing them out equally. Next, measure the dimensions of the pedestal supports and ensure that they are equal to the height of the terrace you intend to install. Place your tile or wooden floor over the pedestal, and lock in the support.

MBC-16B #5 (16mm) Complete Manual Bender/Cutter

The manual bender is made from steel alloy, and is used for bending and cutting grade 60 concrete reinforcement rebar. This bender is made from heat-treated metal, and bends to 90 and 180 degrees. Its design features replaceable jaws and non-chipping blades for the cleanest cuts. This powerful bender is set on a wooden support, and has lightweight, but extra durable non-slip 12’’ long handle for easy cutting. It also comes with easy-lift chain and ring for improved portability.

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