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Doublestar Drilling

Doublestar drilling is an engineering company with unmatched expertise in the drilling industry. We specialize in drilling services like project consultation and engineering, small and large diameter pilings, shoring and a host of other drilling services. For every project we carry out, we ensure maximum efficiency by employing advanced and high-powered equipment that are controlled by highly-skilled professionals.

New #18 HRC 500 Series Position Rebar Coupler – Xtender

To keep extremely high structures in place, strength and rigidity must not be compromised. However, the length of rebar used to erect these structures can sometimes be inappropriate. Hence the HRC 500 series position rebar is used to ensure maximum firmness in the joint between two rods in the frame of a high structure. This coupler is placed at the end of each rebar to hold them in place and secure the strength of structures.

Manual machine, straightens, cuts and bends wire rod

This is a manually-driven machine used for straightening, cutting and bending rods. To use this equipment, the wire rod is first wound around a material before it is inserted into rollers where it is straightened. From one end of this machine, the rebar excesses is measured out, before they are chopped off by the manual cutter. The rollers of this machine can also be used to bend wire rods to various degrees.

Ernst Concrete Hobby Lobby in Kennesaw 081516v

Ernst Concrete is a premium quality concrete that is durable and efficient. Ernst Concrete Hobby Lobby in Kennesaw was constructed with the finest concrete mixture, and the most advanced equipment in the construction industry. For the construction of the impeccable flooring of the site, manual tools were first used to smoothen out the concrete. Next, automated edgers were then driven by expert over the flooring for a perfect finishing, just before the concrete sets completely.

TJK Machinery WG3D12

The TJK Machinery WG3D12 is a high voltage machine for bending wire rods into desired shapes. It is ideal for both single and double wire bending, and features a straightening system comprising of adjustable horizontal and vertical rollers. This heavy-duty machine also runs bulk bending processes, which only requires supervision when the processed rods are to be gathered.

Raveling Repair with GAP-Patch

Ravelling repair is a robust, hot-applied permanent repair for potholes and other large surface defects on highways. Its premium quality features makes it the ideal solution for portholes and road cracks. This dynamic equipment repairs highways by first cleaning out the portholes and cracks, and then pouring and spreading hot coals evenly into them. The coal used with this machine solidifies quickly, thereby making it a time-saving solution to all forms of road defects.

LiteForm FlexxBoard25

The LiteForm Flexxboard 25 is an energy-efficient foam insulation board designed for the removal of frost and heating cracks from concrete surfaces. It is durable and bonds perfectly with concrete to create an efficient insulating system. This flexboard is made from cement, fiber and cellulose, and does not contain silica sand. It can be used beneath concrete slabs, for infloor heating, perimeter insulation and for roofs ins.

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