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Laying Natural Cooked Clay Gres de Nava

Clay is a naturally-compacting substance – particularly after it is cooked. Cooked clay has more strength than unprocessed clay, and can be used to mould a variety of structures. Consequently, flat slabs made from cooked clay can be used to install a durable flooring system. This flooring system is installed by first spreading clay powder on the desired surface, positioning the clay slabs in a neat pattern, and then applying a mortar adhesive between the slabs to hold them in place.

The advanced construction system Emmedue 02

Most times, the nature of construction materials contributes to the spike in the cost of erecting a building. Emmedue 02 is a highly efficient solution to the cost consequences of erecting high quality structures. It is an expanded polystyrene frame that features a double-galvanized steel mesh (joined by connectors) enclosure, and used for building construction. It is self-supporting, relatively easy to assemble and finished with layers of concrete.

PRODUCTS FOR FIREPLACES: Sas Square Static Vacuum Cleaner | Easy placement

The Sas square vacuum cleaner is usually constructed on roof tops using a square mould. It is a vacuum cleaner is used to remove dusts and other tiny particles from buildings. It also improves the draft of ventilation ducts up to units of 31 × 31cm. For greater efficiency, this cleaner is usually placed in a fixed and suitable position on the roof.

Roller Screed Demo

Spin screed is the construction industry's first lightweight power roller screed crafted to help concrete finishers get flatter and stronger concrete surfaces. The spin screed roller is operated with a heavy-duty power generator that spins the screed pipe forward and backward. This rotation helps to keep aggregates off the top surfaces, thereby making concrete flawless and durable. Furthermore, the lightweight design of this screed makes it relatively easier to operate.

How To Stamp Concrete - Rock 'N' Roller

Concrete stamping is one of the ideal processes for optimal concrete surface finish. The rock ‘N’ roller style is easy and can be done even without the help of an expert. To stamp concrete using this style, evenly distribute concrete on desired surface. Using a screed, level or flatten the surface, and then, use the bull float to push down the aggregates to achieve the smooth concrete surface.

Using A Block Splitter

The block splitter is a very convenient tool for cutting or splitting blocks. It is fast and easy to use, and also gives the desired block size without distorting its original shape. However, a splitter requires the expertise of a skilled cutter to achieve perfect splits. To cut with this tool, the blocks are placed on it, and its handle is pressed downwards against the block for about 3-5 seconds to cut the block.

Paver Installation Machine

Paver handling can be a time and energy consuming process. But with the paver installation machine, you get to sage your time and preserve your energy during your paver installation projects. This machine is built with sufficient capacity to carry pavers from one point to another. Pressure on the surface of the lift of this machine creates a suction that list pavers, and carry them to the points of installation.

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