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7 Top-Quality Materials You Should Consider for Your Construction Needs

1.Polycarbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate sheet is made with a transparent thermoplastic. The sheet is made from durable tough and impact resistant material and it absorbs minimal moisture. The polycarbonate sheet is flame retardant, chemical resistant, and proof to water damage.

The polycarbonate sheets are versatile with a number of uses in the construction and manufacturing industry. The sheets can be used in skylights, riot shields, aerospace, food processing, window glazing, among other uses. Installation of polycarbonate sheets is easy provided you follow the manufacturer’s directions.

2.Alcaplast APZ13

The Alcaplast APZ13 is a shower drain used for indoor showers. The APZ13 is made with stainless steel with an adjustable installation height of 81mm. It used for floor-level showers drainage, for installation on near the wall of a showering area, and on open spaces. It suitable for wheelchair access. It comes with a 25 year guarantee.

3. Artweger BODY+SOUL Steam Shower

The Artweger BODY+SOUL Steam shower unit comes with a seat to offer complete relaxation for the bathroom. The features of this unit include the glass shower unit where the shower accessories are fixed, a seat for maximum relaxation when taking a steam bath, a double and single seat with backrest, a 6mm safety glass. In addition, it comes in assorted colors to suit the décor of your bathroom.

4. Concrete Crack Repair - Using TF Structural Repair Mortar

The TF Structural Repair Mortar is a two-component, interior and exterior, matte finish concrete coating and a structural mortar repair. It offers an economical solution with excellent abrasion resistance features. It is installed as a stand-alone overlay for concretes substrates with top durability to mechanical damage.

The TF structural repair mortar can be used for complete resurfacing, spall repairs, damaged concrete, and large structural repairs. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for instructions on how to use the repair mortar.


The Lux Elements Montage is a professional brand for laying the ready-to-tile receiver for the Construction, wellness, Shower bases, and system components. The elements are tried and tested to fully harmonize with the processing element. The lux elements incorporate specially developed adhesives, sealing tapes, mortars, plugs and angles to ensure a problem- free processing.

6. Sikaflex® Concrete Fix

The Sikaflex concrete fix is a non-sag elastic sealant that is suitably designed for all types of cracks, joints, for a maximum depth of not more than 1/2 inch. This sealant component is polyurethane-based, which is approved by the FDA, TT-S-00230C, Type II, ASTM C-920, Type S, Grade NS. It is efficient for sealing horizontal and vertical joints, for weather proofing cracks, joints, and gaps in concrete, blockwork, stucco, metal frames, masonry, and brickwork.

The Sikaflex concrete fix is durable with exception to tear and cuts, non-staining, paintable and waterproof, has excellent adhesion to a lot of construction materials without a primer.

7. Building Garden Walls with Hollow Bricks – HORNBACH

The HornBach hollow blocks are made with concrete for constructing the internal and external walls. The bricks have a wide dimension which saves you time when building the walls. The bricks are bound by cement to keep the strong and serve for a long time. The HornBach hollow bricks can be used for constructing concrete backyard wall, raised garden beds, classic walls, terrace slabs, and as paving stones.

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