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Exciting and Smart Technology in the Construction Industry

1.ERNE PortalRoboter

ERNE PortalRoboter is a robotic system that manufactures highly complex wooden components for timber construction. In 2017, it was awarded the innovation prize for the European forest and wood industry. It is the largest timber robot made in Europe. This robust robot has seven axes with a flexible tool change head to manufacture large timber components for industrial use.

The robot is capable of cutting, assembling, and fastening different components of timber. It works similarly to the 3D printer. The robot works in real-time. For instance, if you want to adjust the components' dimensions, you just key in relevant data, and it is updated in real-time.

2. SmartWindow by Drutex

The SmartWindow is a new interactive window developed by Drutex. The interactive window displays different types of media. The smart window is a revolution in the door market and global window. The SmartWindow by Drutex allows you to watch TV, use a capacitive panel, and browse the internet.

In the Internet of Things, Drutex has followed a global trend by making one of the most significant innovations. The innovative glass has an interactive window and control unit that is used for controlling the device. Also, the users can interact with the window using several user interfaces.

The LCD matrix display of the SmartWindow is enclosed on a glass pane to safeguard it from external factors. The window has a low ARM processor and interfaces that facilitate wireless communication.

3. Stair Vault Execution

A concrete stair is made with precast pieces that are supported by steel stringers. Using the stair vault execution technology, using comprehensive materials which does not involve wood. The technology involves constructing the stairs over a vaulted void not only to save the materials and weight, but the stair vault can be used as storage drawers.

4. Adhetec Official

The Adhetec is a production company that deals with manufacturing construction materials such as finishes, stucco, glue, additive motors, and jointing, mostly for the aviation industry, transport, and automotive industry. The company has been in operation since 1981, dealing with creating a solution through adhesive know-how, pragmatic and inventive dynamics, and material transformation expertise.

5. Barn Raising

A barn raising is also traditionally known as the raising bee. The neighbors gathered together to raise a barn. A barn is a large storage building in the farm for storing the harvested grains and other food produce, hay, straw, and housing for the livestock and farm tools and equipment.

6. DIY BRICK WALL ideas / DIY Mini Cement Tiles

Making a DIY brick wall is easy, fun, and highly affordable. What you need for this DIY project is a sparkling puddy or a joint compound enough for covering the space you need to create a brick wall. The tools you need for the job include the trowel for spreading the puddy evenly on the wall. Please do not make the mixture smooth. Leave it with a rough texture to make it more realistic. Use a label and your finger to make lines on the wall. Once you are done, you can paint it to your preference.

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