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Composite Column Concreting

To carryout a composite column concreting, first fasten a hose adapter to the composite column using suitable bolts. Next, attach a concrete hose to the hose adapter, and connect hose to concrete reservoir. Pump concrete until the column is filled. Using a hammer, close up the casting hole by hitting the hose adapter away from the hole. Remove the adapter only when the concrete is dry and hard.

Composite Column Installation

To install a composite column, first ensure that every tool and equipment is available and handy. Using a spirit level, adjust the levels of the bottom washers and nuts. Next, gently install the column with its nut openings fitting properly into the nuts on the ground. With the spirit level, ensure that the column is well aligned before tightening the upper nuts and washers with a spanner.

ERBI-SINIA: Los Ausines Wind Farm

Constructing a wind farm can take one to three years, depending on the company. After preparing the site, the soil is excavated and the foundations are laid. Afterwards, the farm formworks are installed, and the base of the tower is constructed. Next, the towers, nacelle and rotor (alongside its blades and hubs) are installed. Underneath the tower, the electrical components are connected via substations to the grid.

Low Loader X

The Low Loader X comes with a wireless operating control, so you can decide what your truck does by simple clicks. It boasts of an excellent back support, low tyre wear, minimal deflections and impeccable driving – even in the harshest of road conditions. You also enjoy easy load securing and uncoupling, a 55° steering angle, and automatic track adjustment without having to step a foot on the ground.


If your sewage pipe is too high from your shower drain, you need a Lux Element Tub-Pump. It is made from the safest drain technology, and comes with factory gradient and sealing in different designs. To install, prepare the shower area, then measure out drainage and electrical outlets from the base. Secure the pump using a fixing adhesive, then seal up the area with tiles, sealing filler and sealing tape.

Henkels and McCoy Cell Tower Antenna Installation

Without cell Tower antennas, mobile phones may never be useful to mankind. The installation of these antennas is usually done by the supplying company, or other third party installers. To begin, the antennas are first configured on the ground, before the actual installation. Cables are then used to tow the antennas from the ground to the top of the tower for complete installation.

Crossing Bridge Construction

To carry out a crossing bridge construction, the foundations are first laid by inserting caissons into the waterbed and filling them up with concrete. Anchorages of concrete-reinforced steel are then built on both ends of the bridge, and the towers (already constructed) are installed upon the caissons. The cables and suspenders are hung in their respective order, then the decks are installed in sections, and fastened to the towers.

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