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POROTON Redblloc

The POROTON S-Sz shuttering tiles is made by SCHLAGMANN POROTON, and comprises of 3D bricks that are pre-fastened together into a single wall. Each wall is then transported to the construction site via mechanized equipment, before attachment to the foundations of the building. In addition to having a guaranteed sound decrease index of 62.8 dB, this brick is safe, and can be used to implement level II soundproofing.

Precast concrete stairs production

LAFARGE has improved the convenience of stair production via precast concrete stairs. During production, woven rods are first laid on the wooden stair mold. Afterwards, plywood strips are placed over the mold as a guide for the concrete. When concrete is properly set, the upper and outer wooden mold covers are first removed before the concrete stair is lifted from the base of the mold using chain suspension.

Oran Pre-Cast Twin Wall Production

To produce precast wall panels, plot their structures, and position the cut outs. Next, secure magnetic shutters and electric boxes to the frame, then coat the pallet. Fasten steel lattice girders and fit the lifting hooks. Place the steel rockets on the panel, and pour concrete to set. Fit the second wall and remove air from the twin wall before curing and transportation to construction sites.

LiteForm ICF Basic Assembly and Installation

To assemble and install ICFs, get basic carpentry tools like glue gun, washers and screws ready. Prepare the pad and footing, and then assemble the first and second course corners. Next, construct the vertical bracing and work platform, then complete window and door bracing using the given specifications. Pour concrete onto the ICF before waterproofing the system. Finally, electrical and plumbing systems can then be installed.

staircase in kit

To install Staircase in Kit, paint or coat wooden components and place attachment rings into the pre-drilled holes in each component. Afterwards, attach components to one another following the instructions on the accompanying manual – the side frames first, followed by the steps and their coverings. Install the staircase, and secure its ends on the wall and floor accordingly. Finally, secure the rails to the staircase using screws.

Brick It

To install Brick It, prepare the base metal panel on which the bricks will be laid, ensuring that the bricks will lap accordingly. Next, pipe the adhesive on a straight line, then attach the bricks to the panel one after the other leaving equal spaces between each brick. Next mix the mortar with water, and pipe into the spaces left between the bricks. The mortar restricts brick movements after installation.

Safety Hoist Roofing Power Ladders & Hoists

Manually conveying objects to rooftops is against OSHA guidelines, and puts workers at risk. Heavy duty cranes are expensive, and can cause property damage during transit. But the Safety Hoist Roofing Power Ladders and Hoists are lightweight, affordable, and easy to operate – only little training is required. They are very efficient for conveying Items like solar panels, plywood and moving shingles to the roof during construction.

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