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Acceler8% MAX Carbide Tipped Holesaw-

The Acceler8% Max Carbide Tipped Holesaw is a durable working tool for cutting sheet metals. It drills metals faster than other types of cutters, and possesses outstanding features.

This holesaw has a compact design which eliminates misalignment during drilling, and also has a safety collar that prevents excessive penetration. It's teeth is also made from tungsten carbide, a special alloy that makes this saw resistant to heat and wear during drilling.

RIDGID SeeSnake® Camera with TruSense™-

To enjoy premium quality images from pipes and tunnels, a camera with a high dynamic range is a necessity. This high range is what the Seesnake camera now offers you via its Trusense features. This camera functions at it’s best in long runs. It is also ideal for large diameter pipes and restricted numbers of turns. And in whatever channel this camera is used, its images are always upright.

Roughneck Laminate Flooring Tools-

Laminate flooring tools make flooring work easier and neater in appearance. These tools are easy to handle, and can be used even without prior training. They also comprise of familiar items you can find in any carpenter's shop.

Some laminate flooring tools include saw for cutting, dust mask to keep you safe from wood dust, a measuring device, a pair of scissors, hammer and universal kits.

Titan ThermoMark Series Thermoplastic Handliner-

Thermomark series HANDLINER is a top choice equipment. It was built with care and pin point precision to ensure that no error is accommodated during it operations. It is also a top choice hardliner because its thermostat can be read effortlessly

This hardliner is better controlled as it features a double braking system, and an adjustable ‘OFF' indicator. Its control brakes are also located in front for faster responses.

Intex Giraffe _ Starmix Combo-

Cleaning interior or exterior sanding can be a difficult task. But the giraffe Starmix combo is a perfect, and superfast equipment for such cleaning. It is ideal for cleaning out sand and paints at elevated level without the use of a ladder.

Having an enormous impact power, this Giraffe Starmix Combo comes with convenient sanding discs for a smoother finsh. The fine finish obtained with this Giraffe combo, is as a result of its two position sanding head.

MBC-16B Manual Bender_Cutter s-

The MBC 16B Manual Bender Cutter has a unique design that allows its parts to be rightly positioned for improved efficiency during cutting. The center of this cutter is very strong, and one of its handles was designed to be longer than the other for convenience. The dual sectional growth of this cutter equally lows you a flawless cut of 90 to 180 degree on different platforms.

Mortar mixes-

For a handy and less messy way to get plaster on practically unreachable areas during construction, a mortar gun is the ideal tool. By carefully filling this gun with mortar, you can easily pipe plaster onto surfaces like patio slabs and holes without breaking a sweat.

The mortar gun is durable, as its body is usually made from aluminum, while its nozzle is made from plastic. It can also be used without prior training.

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