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INSTALLATION OF TERRACE DRAINAGE CHANNELWhen installing a terrace drainage channel, always choose one with premium quality. A trench should also be created for liquid flow. With the required drainage length and a cut-out of the preferred outlet, all end caps should be fitted before assembly. Add a concrete layer of 100mm into the trench, lower the system into it, and ensure that the outlet connects perfectly to the drain pipe. QUIKRETE® GRAY CONCRETE CRACK SEALThe Quikrete crack seal is a blended emulsion containing uniform latex constituents, and is used for filling cracked surfaces on concrete. This seal is ideal for driveways, patios and sidewalks, and can be used without further mixing. The grey colour of the Quikrete Crack Seal also makes it blend perfectly with the colour of concrete. It just needs to be allowed to cure on surfaces for a short time. GRAB CONSTRUCTION ADHESIVE BONDS CINDER BLOCKSA cinder block has its aggregate materials as either coal cinders or ash, and the MS35 Fast Grab adhesive bonds give it its light weight. To use this adhesive, simply spread it between the blocks in question and allow to cure. The binding technology of this adhesive enhances its bond strength, and also ensures quick curing. It also does not shrink nor wash off easily, making it ideal for block-binding. Tubag road construction systemRoad construction involves three main processes, which includes setting out, Earthworks and paving construction. Setting out involves mapping a given area to observe the correct road level and possible adjustments. Earthwork is the process of removing the top soil alongside vegetation before the grading and scrapping of the area. Paving construction is the application of materials over road surfaces to bear up traffic loads. STAMPED CONCRETE IN ONE MINUTEStamping can occur on concrete floors found on driveways, walkways or corridors. When any of these surfaces sustains a crack or a stamp, a slurry mixture of Roadware MatchCrete and some silica sand can be used to fix them up. The mixture has a similar colour to the concrete floor which makes it easy to blend in. It is also durable, and confers strength to make the floor strong and long-lasting. REBAR TIERThe BNT 58 Rebar tier has a maximum tying diameter of 58mm which is suitable for any type of Rebar. It can wrap up to three turns per tie, and has a quick battery charge of 75 minutes. The use of Rebar tier is better than manual tying because it ensures that a higher power is applied while tying the Rebar. The Rebar tier also works faster than manual tying. OF LOW RAIL FOR WOODEN RAILINGWooden railing is usually preferred for its lightweight, aesthetic, easy installation and cleaning characteristics. To install the low rail, locate and mark the studs before measuring and cutting the rail. Next, place the brackets on the studs, and then install the rail directly over the studs. Finally, put a light sand stain on the ends of the rail, before fixing it to the wall.

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