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1. Lam-Hammer Atlas Installation Tool -

If you are a floor-installer and working with interlocking laminated or hardwood material, you need the Lam-Hammer Atlas Installation tool to make your work easy. It has been developed to make the last board on a run easy to install whether it is against a wall or under a cabinet toe. Using the Lam-Hammer enables you to cover the floor without damaging the wall, plasterboard or cabinet-base. You never have to use a pull bar and hammer again.


Workers mixing mortar, resins, paint and other material frequently, need the Rubmix-9 N Plus. The Rubimix offers one versatile mixer to mix all kinds of material by only changing the mixing paddle. Its 2-speed gearbox and the 1,200W motor make the mixing of different material possible. You will always obtain an excellent homogeneous mixture. It is a lightweight tool and with the speed regulator built into the grip easy to use and control.

3. Milescraft 1603 KneeBlades - Rolling Knee Pads -

The Milescraft 1603 KneeBlades rolling knee pads are a must if you have to work on your knees a lot. These knee pads are ideal when you are carpeting your floors, painting low places or even working in your garden. The strap secures the pads comfortably and the tapered design lessens the pressure on the knees. Each pad can carry up to 80 lbs. This durable knee pads sell for less than $60 per pair.

4. DEWALT® 20V MAX- XR® Cordless Concrete Nailer -

This Dewalt 29V Max-XR cordless concrete nailer is ideal to use on concrete and steel. It operates with the same battery as all other Dewalt 20V Max tools. With its different power settings, you can adjust it easily for pin depth. Your work surface is always illuminated by a LED work light. Downtime is kept low as the brushless motor extends runtime considerably. It gives 600 shots per charge. This excellent cordless nailer sells for less than $700.

5. R4040S 8- Wet Tile and Paver Saw with Laser-

If you need to move your tile and paver saw frequently to different places on your worksite, the Rigdid R4040S wet tile and paver saw is the best to use. To move it around you clip it into the water tray which has two wheels and a handle and you wheel the saw around. Then just add water and plugin. The height of the saw with its12 Amp motor can easily be adjusted to cut through tiles and pavers.

6. RIDGID LevelMax Anti-Lippage Tile Leveling System-

Often tile-leveling causes trouble for a tile contractor. The Ridgid LevelMax anti-lippage tile leveling system solves many of the problems. It’s ideal to ensure spacing where four tiles come together and it’s easy to use. Just put the stem where the tiles come together and spin the reusable spin top over the stem. Leave to dry and then just kick off the stem. The tiles will be level and spaced and no white color will show through the grout.

7. StrataMax -

When you are looking for a floor sheet that can resist ripping and tearing StrataMax vinyl sheet flooring might be your answer. Its Urethane Plus layer not only protects against scratches, scuffs and stains but is also very easy to install. This rip resistance is as a result of StrataMax‘s 70% limestone base layer. The floor covering is ideal for homes and office buildings and should be the preferred sheet flooring for properties that are leased.

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