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Floatliner Truck

This unique truck was created specifically for carrying large architectural glasses with dimensions of 20 x 10 feet. The truck has a maximum length of 30 feet. With this truck, there is less manual handling of the glasses which helps in reducing instances breakages and it also increases productivity. It has a self-securing system that helps in locking the load well. The truck is equipped with a full lowering function with special fastening that offers stability of the glass sheets. In addition, the truck can transport the glasses in normal containers like wooden boxes. Additionally, the truck offloads itself.

Mercedes-Benz Actros

This popular truck model has sold more than 700,000 trucks all over the world in a period of just 15 years. It makes long distance travels safe and comfortable for the driver. The driver’s cabin of this truck model has seven different configurations, five models have a flat floor, while the rest of the models have a seven inch tunnel for the motor. The working and the resting area have two different modes of lighting. The flat floor models have comfortable suspensions that are fitted out with hydro-electric tilting mechanism. The truck has extension doors and lighting system to ensure the feet area is comfortable for the driver. Additionally, the cabin can be fitted with accessories such as moveable drawers and shelves. For the flat floor cabin, it can accommodate a 26 liter fridge under the bed.

Freightliner SuperTruck

This experimental truck comes with exciting and excellent technological innovations. According to its creators, the truck consumes only 3.7 liters of fuel at a distance of 20 kilometers as compared to normal trucks that consume double the amount. The manufacturers of the truck have been improving the overall look of the vehicle by using the digital wind mode. Finally, the vehicle came out with an inclined windshield, rounded corners and a partially closed wheels for optimizing air resistance thus improving the efficiency on the road. This increases transportation of the cargo on this truck by about 115%.

Renault Trucks T

This truck was designed for hauling cargo on busy roads. The truck is designed to offer driver a comfortable living and driving conditions. Based on the advanced technology, economical fuel consumption, the comfortable driver’s cabin, environmental friendliness, safety and road performance, this truck was appointed as the international truck in 2015. The fuel consumption is reduced by almost 2% as compared to the forerunners. The truck has improved transmission and chassis. The trucks are fitted out with 11 or 13 liter engine with a capacity of 380 or 520 horsepower. The truck has a smart cruise control mechanism that can sense speed changes and it is also used for choosing the appropriate economical transmission.

Mack Anthem

This truck has an attractive design. It is fitted out with a large front bumper with chrome inlays and wide wings. They are equipped with inbuilt LED lights that offer 67% of illumination in comparison to ordinary headlights. The vehicle is fitted out with extra rear view mirrors fixed on the hood to provide the driver with an exceptional overview. The driver’s cabin aerodynamics make this truck special. Its design can help in saving fuel consumption up to 3%. The sleeping compartment is high and it allows room for the driver to stand upright. The interior of the cabin has a futuristic design.

Caterpillar AD60

This dump truck equipped with an articulated frame, was designed for underground works. The trucks has a total weight of approximately 110 tons with a total payload capacity of 60 tons. The cargo area has a capacity of approximately 1200 cubic feet. In addition, AD60 comes with an 805 horsepower unit that works together with a 7-speed gearbox. Also, this dump truck has an electronic control system that helps in remote fuel injection.

Renault Magnum 480

This truck has a flat floor and adequate space. The driver’s cabin is independent of the engine and transmission, to offer the driver a comfort and an excellent position when driving. The cabin has a height of 6.1 feet, a width of 7.7 feet and a depth of 6.6 feet. The inside of the cabin is divided into four parts: the first part has drivers chair fitted with air pillow, the middle part, the adjustable beverage compartments and the steering wheel. The second zone consist of the living area that is fitted out with a swivel seat, the third zone has a dining room with a fridge, two seats and a foldable table while the fourth part is the bedroom and it has a foldable sofa. At the bottom, there is a ground floor, which is a suitable resting place for the driver after a long travelling period.

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