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Bulldog is a mega fire truck that was designed to reach the hard to areas when there is fire. This truck is equipped with 54 inch military tires, with 24 inches ground clearance and with the capacity to carry up to 2000 gallons of water and foam. Bulldog has the ability to easily move on kind of terrain. It has a 2 inch chassis cage, bumper, sprayers and nozzles with a high power lightening. It is equipped with an 80 liter fuel tank that keeps it ready to move at any time.

Sharp ATV

This vehicle is designed to move on any terrain. It has inflatable wheels, which enable the vehicle to rise to a height of five feet when they are completely inflated. The vehicle can easily move even on rocky and bushy landscapes, while clearing the obstacles. The inflatable wheels allow the vehicle to easily adjust to various ground levels. In addition, this ATV can move on water. The big buoyance tires enables the vehicle to stay afloat, while the huge ridges on the tires act as paddles for propelling the machine to move through the water smoothly. Sharp ATV has a maximum speed of 3.7 miles per hour on water and 28 miles per hour on land. It is also capable of moving on partially frozen waters as it can move easily on water and climb over snow.

Water Car Panther

This is one of the most exciting amphibious vehicles in the world. It has a high speed and horsepower that is suitable for both land and water cruising. This vehicle is equipped with a Jeep CJ with 300 horsepower, it runs on a Honda Acura 3.7 liter V6 engine. Additionally, the car is fitted out with a fiberglass hull retracting wheels with a strong boat drive. On land, this vehicle can easily move on any terrain, like on huge sand dunes and on bushy and rocky terrains. It moves at a distance of 45 miles per hour on water. The vehicle comes with a user friendly DIY manual to help you operate the car.


According to its manufacturers, this is the world’s first sports amphibian. It operates as an ATV and a watercraft with a speed of up to 45 mile per hour on both water and land. This motorcycle runs on a 1.3 liter BMW 4-cylinder engine with a tour of 175 hp and a 103 lbs torque. It is made from durable lightweight materials. Quadski is an all-terrain vehicle, with its wide track and low gravity, it offers the vehicle great stability both on land and on water.


This bike moves on land and it can also fly. It has a speed of 70 km/h on land and 52 miles per hour on air and can reach a height of 10,000 feet. Its frames are made from lightweight materials. The bike runs on a cylinder engine with a capacity of 89 horsepower. This enables the bike to operate for more than 240 miles continuously. To fly, the bike requires just 5 minutes to take off. Skyrunner has a range of 1200 nautical miles.

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