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Top 8 Creative AND Clever Space Saving Ideas

Creano Future Bedroom

This furniture doubles as a sofa and a bed. It helps you save your space. To transform the sofa to a bed, you need to detach a small lever from the frame thus allowing you to lower the bed. This furniture is equipped with an anti-fall protection to ensure longevity and reliable when using this amazing sofa-bed. This furniture will save you the hassle of buying a bed and a sofa separately.

Richelieu Kitchen Solutions

This transformable modern unit is equipped with a folding table and a bench for your kitchen. The creators of this had the idea solving limited space problems. This unit can serve all people regardless of their height and their level of mobility. This unit is equipped with enough drawers that save you space. Also, the drawers are designed using modern technology, thus they move easily.


This coffee table can be easily and quickly be transformed into a single bed or a workstation. With this coffee table, you will not worry about having an extra bed when a need arise. In addition, SOMNYS is fitted out with wheels that allow you to move in any direction. It has black and white parts for easy assembly and collapse, whenever you want to use it as a bed. It is compact sized for easy transportation and storage.

Smart Bed

This piece of furniture is not just an ordinary bed. It allows you to put it into other uses to help you maximize your living space. On one side of this bed it is equipped with a charging system for your phone and other mobile devices. Also, it has inbuilt music speakers to enable the user watch TV shows and listen to music while sleeping. The Smart bed is fitted out with spacious drawers beneath the mattress and the foot rest. Another special feature of this bed is that it is fitted out with a vibrating chair for a massage. It has a safety deposit box and head restraints that the user can adjust to suit their preferences. This smart bed comes in various colors.

City Home

This multifunctional unit was specially designed for small apartment users. It is equipped with different pieces of furniture that combine into one. It can transform into a desk, a dining area that can accommodate six people and a bed. It has inbuilt lights in the cabinets to make it easy and friendly to use. By moving the parts of this unique and economic furniture, you can create more space for your apartment.

Team 7 Black Line Kitchen

These modular kitchens are made from natural wood. This feature offers high stability and strength to the unit. The Team 7 Black Line Kitchen unit is fitted out with matte black colored glass with matt black handles and fine smoked glass. This makes it have an elegant finished design that offers a comfy and relaxed atmosphere for your kitchen. In addition, the black kitchen line is finished with natural oils to keeps the wood from harmful parasites and have its antibacterial properties. This aspect makes it is safe to store your food. The glass cabinets on the unit offer decorative features and it also allows you to store your utensils without worrying about dust. Due to its heterogeneity nature, the Black Line Kitchen is suitable for any type of house. It has different configurations that allow the user to choose one according to their preference. The units are safely built and they adhere to economic rules and it has a GS safety certificate. Another outstanding feature of the unit is that it does not have ordinary handles, but it is fitted out with pendulum handles that are hidden beneath the metal strip. You can choose from a wide range of wood for your Black Line Kitchen.

Convertible Furniture Frame

This is a versatile and multifunctional huge wooden unit that can be transformed into an armchair, two types of tables, several shelves, a lounger, an entertainment console, a desk and a small sofa. Additionally, to convert this furniture, the user does not need any tools or apply any effort. It is quick and easy to transform it to what you want. The furniture is designed to offer the user comfort and an excellent back support when it is converted to a double sized bed. When the table is fully expanded it can accommodate up to 6 seats.

MK1 Metal Coffee Table

This amazing table can easily transform from a coffee table to a dining table. It is a space saver and it is suitable for small space apartments. It is attractively and ergonomically designed. The table is adjusted in two different ways to change it from a lunch table to a coffee table and vice versa. The table is fitted out with hinges that allow the parts to move easily and for quick adjustments. The table has enough space to allow more than four people to use it. It has dimensions of 35 hx75wx75d cm as a coffee table and as a dining table it measures 75 x 135x 75 cm.

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