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This is a unique motorcycle that can travel both on land and on water. It runs on a 55hp double cylinder engine that can reach a speed of 80 mph on land and 37 mph in water. The motorcycle has a total weight of 502 Lbs and a length of 92.5 inches with a width of 70.5 inches wheel base. Biski transforms into a jet-ski while you still riding in a matter of just five seconds. In addition, this vehicle is equipped with hydraulic brake disks at the front and at the back, with a fully retractable rear suspension. For convenient water riding, Biski is equipped with quad exhaust pipe system with two land pipes attached to the rear wheel and another pair fixed at the bottom of the bike.


This jetski was made by students from created by students from Calvin College to provide the user with an exciting experience with water sports. The Jet Ski is designed for one person and it is equipped with three-ski design, with two skis at the front and one at the rear. The front skis hydro-dynamically lift the Jet Ski to a cruising position, while the rear skis is fixed on the horizontal that runs on a 6500cc water-cooled engine. It is lightweight and compact, such that one person can load and offload it. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with a control system that monitors fuel, engine rpm and the speed. Also worth noting, is that the Jet Blade is made from durable materials and it can withstand moderate to rough water conditions while maintaining its stability.


This is a new exciting hydroplane made in British by Chris Phillips. This boat measures 8.3 meters that can move passengers from the ship across to the shore, although it looks like a sports boat. The boat runs on a 9.4 liter Big-block Chevy engine that is attached to a Scott twin stage print jet with 6000 rpm. The Centauri weighs 1650 kilograms and the hole is made from stainless steel. The boat has a capacity of 750 horsepower but also there is another version with 550 horsepower.

Amphibious Tour Buses

The amphibious bus enables the user enjoy sightseeing adventures while travelling on the road and cruising on water using the same vessel. The vehicle is examined and proved to meet all safety standards and regulations. The bus is comfortably designed with a capacity of 43 passengers. However, the bus has no room for wheelchairs or pets.


This huge vehicle was designed for collecting garbage. Operating such a huge vehicle is not easy with human drivers. So, the manufacturers of this vehicle equipped it with a wide range of sensors and advanced engineering technology to ensure smooth and safe running of the truck. The truck was designed to minimize the moving and out of the truck to load garbage by the driver. The driving system are optimized thus it saves the fuel consumption. The vehicle requires one operator who controls the garbage collection system and direct the vehicle to new routes. It is fitted out with sensors and GPS that are used to map the neighborhood by learning about its surroundings. The vehicle automatically stops whenever there is an obstacle. In addition, this smart truck will independently stop at each house to pick garbage, while the driver loads the trash bins into the lift and he controls the emptying system.

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