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Top 8 New Construction Inventions That Are At Another Level PART 2

Construction robots-https://www.Swissinfo.Ch/eng

Robots are currently taking over different industries, and the construction industry is by no means left out. From bridge construction to formwork building and road constructions, automated machines are gradually prevailing in the construction sector. Even in masonry, automated bricklaying robots can build a wall by laying bricks the exact way a mason would. By attaching their arms to each brick using suction force, these robots can be controlled to lift and lay bricks accordingly.


Whether you’re constructing a pavement or flooring your yard with concrete, the Hydra-Screed curb roller will help you achieve a smoother finish. It is the ideal machine for all concrete finishing jobs. It requires an energy source to run its motor, but it is manually controlled around the concrete. By gripping the handle and properly spreading concrete, you can easily navigate the hydra-screed to whatever direction you desire.

Sto external wall insulation-https://www.Stosignature.Com/

The Sto external wall insulator is a perfect way to improve the thermal efficiency in your home. To enhance this insulator's installation time, always use a spray foam adhesive to attach it to the wall. You can secure the insulator with other fasteners before coating it with an impact-proof reinforcement. Finally, you can improve its durability by securing a crack-proof mesh on the insulator before covering it with dirt and water shedding.

Construction gablok-https://www.Youtube.Com/channel/uc8idlpe-yal2utvz_sx26va

The Gablok insulated wooden kits make for a comfortable, less strenuous way to construct an insulated wall. The wooden blocks are not as heavy as concrete blocks, and they help you maintain eco-friendliness during construction. Building with these blocks is comparatively easy and also eliminates the drying time required with concrete or bricks. All you need is an already-aligned frame of your wall, on which you align the blocks one over the other.

Future tree-https://gramaziokohler.Arch.Ethz.Ch/web/e/projekte/330.Html

Future Tree is an advanced technological structure situated in Basler and Hoffman’s courtyard in Esslingen, Switzerland. This ultra-modern tree was completed in the later months of 2019. It is a combination of a robot-built timber structure and a concrete column constructed using a formwork made from ultra-thin (1.5mm) 3D printing. This tree's timber canopy was made from 384 different elements and was attached to the column by an automated digital arm.

Hopper sprayer-https://amzn.To/3kovvdu

If you want to apply an impact-resistant covering coating on your walls, a hopper sprayer is what you need. This sprayer uses compressed air from a compressor to push colored mud through a nozzle and onto your wall. To use this equipment, mix the mud to be sprayed and pour it into the hopper. Then, spray the wall evenly by adjusting the nozzle for airflow. Note that increasing airflow reduces the quantity of mud sprayed and vice versa.

Landesgartenschau exhibition hall-institute for computational design and construction (icd), university of stuttgart-

So far, computational design, alongside robotic fabrication, has experienced exceptional improvements. The Landesgartenschau Exhibition Hall at the University of Stuttgart is a typical example of these improvements. Its construction was financed by the European Union, in collaboration with Baden-Wurttemberg state. This hall's entire beech plywood structure was first simulated and designed on a digital platform before robots fabricated each plate.


To construct a Betonblock Jersey barrier, first insert the anchor mount rod into the bar, then secure the anchor. Apply the release agent inside the mold and install the lift hook connectors. Pour in concrete, vibrate it, and let it set. Once set, remove bolts and pins on all sides of the mold. Also, remove the rubber hook and open the mold. Afterward, remove the anchor connector rods on both ends of the barrier before inserting the bar for attaching a second barrier.


A Motocut Pile cutter, with its extra sharp blades and firm grip, can cut a concrete column of about 16x16 inches within 2 minutes. Averagely, one cutter can reduce up to 50 piles of concrete every day. This efficiency is compared to manual cutting, which can only cut two piles of concrete per day. Even in the harshest weather conditions, these cutters only need to be controlled from an excavator's cabinet to function correctly. They can cut piles using only one blade at a time or the two blades at once.

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