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Top 8 Sport Inventions

This is a ball that was specifically designed for the world cup 2018, but initially, it was the official ball for the 1970 world cup. It is suitable for playing in stadiums and also on the streets. This is the first black and white model and the form of distorted cube and it was chosen as the finest ball for the game. The bladder used to make this ball is made from natural rubber and polyurethane, with polyester used as the lining. This ball is fitted with a chip fixed on the tire panels. The chip enables you to read the ball label and the hidden complete information about this ball, using your smart phone. Its unique design enables the durability of the ball.

Nike Hyper Adapter 1

These smart sneakers adapts to the movement and the shape of your feet. They were designed by Nike and it is ideal for those people who don’t like shoe laces. When your feet reaches at bottom of the shoes insole, it will automatically turn on and the sneaker will automatically fix itself right on your feet to reduce instances of injuring your feet. The shoe is fitted out with buttons on the side of the shoes to adjust the tightness of the lace. When fully charged, you can walk with the shoes for two weeks. When the charge is depleted, the battery indicators at the back with guide you and it takes up to 3 hours to charge each shoe.

Run Scribe

This gadget was designed with athletes in mind to provide them with detailed information about the distance covered, speed and the amount of calories you have burned. This gadget makes count the distance between your steps, the contact time of your feet against the ground and on the air. It also examines the every single move you make and change of posture. This gadget is fixed at the back of your shoe, to guide you to exercise more and improve on the workouts, avoid injuries and straining your body. Since this device is not designed for all shoes, the system will guide you in picking the shoes for running.


W8GYM is a work out kit, which comes with, elastic bands and ropes, Velcro cuffs elastic bands and 3 pairs dumbbells each weighing, 1, 2 and 2 ½ kilograms. With this package, you can perform over 200 workouts while enabling the exercise of all muscle groups in your body. You can use the package as a platform for pushups, stepping and lifting weights. If you do not like going to the gym or no time for gym, you can use W8Gym for effective workouts.

GYM Watch

This is a small wearable gadget that enables you to gain control the movements of your body and increase the effectiveness of exercising by analyzing the limits of your body. It is ideal for use by athletes. It helps to monitor the cardio and power working outs with your own weight or by use of equipment. It provides you with information on your maximum starting strength, muscle contractions, speed and endurance. It also helps you to know the weight you can lift, the number of both complete and incomplete repetitions, it monitors amplitude of movements. The GYM watch is worn on your arm just above the elbow to avoid movement distractions.

Never Lose

This gadget was designed for professional skiers to help them find their skis on the snow. It helps safeguard the sporting equipment of athletes and for easy tracing when they lose them. It is easy to find your lost device by just following the sound. It is suitable for use by snowboarders, cyclists and other sportsmen. This device should be attached to your equipment before starting the sports. It has a built in Bluetooth transmitters that is connected to your phone. It also serves as an anti-theft. You can activate security mode using a mobile application to enables the device react to motion.


Unlike using the ordinary skipping ropes, the skipper rope, will give you better and effective results. The handle of the skipper skipping rope is fitted out with sensors that evaluate your body movements on a radius of 360°. The handles also have an inbuilt Bluetooth transmitters that you connect to mobile applications. The mobile application also allow you to make your own training schedule. It informs you on the burned calories, the number of jumps you have made, time you have spent exercising. The Skiper is also equipped with a voice assistant that guides you to improve your workouts. It is also fitted with speakers to let you listen to music while exercising.

Plank Pad

Planks exercises helps you to workout various muscles of your at the same time. With the help of plank pad, you can make your exercises more fun. It is suitable for beginners. The device is made of wood but it is edged with soft materials to keep you comfortable during your workouts. It has a round base, to enable you easily switch your body weight from side to side. Using the plank pad is fun and you can work out for a longer period of time while balancing on the plank to work out your muscles. There is an application to get the trainer to gamify the workouts.

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