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This is an automated parking system that is operated by a special application via your smartphone. You can also operate it from your computer using a special program installed on your computer. The owner of the car is supposed to scan his smartphone with a special device. This device helps to read the dimensions of the car and pick the suitable parking space for the vehicle.

IdealPark Car Lifts

This is a great personal parking lot that is suitable for private house owners with a basement parking space. This large elevator that carries the car to the underground parking. The parking space does not take much of your space. You can have the car lift constructed on your flower bed or pathway. It is hard to locate the parking on the street.

Cervocav Moto Classic

This device offers a perfect parking for your vehicle. It is a compact and transparent box with sidewalls and a roof. The roof and the rear part of this garage are made from special and high quality plastic. The frames are built from stainless steel. The garage comes in two sizes, for one car and for two cars. The garage has a standard width of 1.3 and 2 meters with a depth of 2.5 and 2.8 meters respectively. The garage helps to shield your car against strong sun rays, snow and rain. The cost of this garage is 3,370 dollars.

Parkplus AGV

This is automated parking system that is equipped with freely rotating blocks that can move in different directions. It is powered by a battery. It is also equipped with a video surveillance and sensors for controlling the movement of the platform. Also, the sensors control the car movement to and from the platform. This parking system provides a maximum parking efficiency with very flexible settings. This smart system scans the parking area 24/7 to make ensure proper use of the facility. This also offers quick, convenient and flexible parking process. To park your car, you need to drive the car inside the box and make sure it is placed in the right position. Press the buttons on the display to exit the car. The special platform will then move your car to the parking space.


This intelligent platform created by Volkswagen enables the cars to look for their own parking space in parking lots. Also, this platform will automatically activate the recharging system of the car if it is electric. When the driver arrives at the parking lot entrance, the driver will leave the car and activate parking mode. This is done using a special application on your smart device. Immediately, the onboard and the autopilot and the data exchanging system in the surrounding parking lot will start working together to help in the car parking. The car will receive a wireless signal to help it locate an empty parking space with the help of a 360° cameras ultrasonic together with other sensors. The car can pack itself diagonally, parallel or perpendicular

according to the mode activated.

Hikvision Parking Robots

Hikvision Research Institute engineers have developed a smart parking system in 2017. The innovation of this parking system is based on a special software that use automated parking robots. These robots are capable of parking the car without the help of a human intervention in just less than 2 minutes. The driver drives the car into the special system. The robot is placed under the car. With a special number using a special application on your smart phone which helps park the car. The robot uses a special application via smart device and a touch panel on the entrance. The robot will identify an empty space and park the car. To use the car, the driver is required to enter the number used when parking and feed it on the touch panel at the entrance. The smart robot will bring your car back to you.

Vasari Lifts

This special car lift was designed for private home owners especially for underground parking at the basement of the house. Vasari has several levels to allow you to park several cars at once. The driver should park the car on the platform. Then the platform sinks on the ground.

Solar-Powered Retractable Car Garage

This garage is powered by power energy to shield your car against snow, rain and too much sun heat. This garage comes in different models. The cost ranges from 2.6 thousand dollars to 4.5 dollars. This car garage is operated using a smart remote control and it can also be controlled using a special via your smartphone. The designed to work on solar energy but you can buy one that runs on electricity. To open and close the garage takes approximately 22 seconds. The garage can accommodate both small and relatively large cars.

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